The Mind and Plans


So, my plan to catch up on blogging and get back to a weekly routine didn’t quite work. It came apart, it seems, like shattered glass, each broken piece echoing its demise.  Every time I sat down determined to focus, something else came up — an urgent idea for a story, someone needing something, the preoccupation with our remodeled kitchen that still needs finishing touches.

On and on it goes.

Life is a series of distractions, including a news cycle I tend to get sucked into more than necessary. So, I keep falling behind. Sometimes, irreparably so. Keep getting sidetracked. Diverted. And by the end of the day, overwhelmed.

Our weather in Los Angeles doesn’t help the mind quiet down either. There is a storm somewhere off the coast of Baja, California, that seems to have a measurable impact on mood and focus. Or maybe it’s just me. Maybe I really need to consider deep meditation. Stay indoors and meditate all day. Now that sounds appealing.


Finally, at work

So, today, I pushed everything aside with a stubbornness that shocked the mind into compliance, and came here to chat … because darn it, it helps. You know what else helps focus the mind? Poetry of the calming sort. Nothing heavy, or thought-provoking, just soothing verse I found and thought I’d share. Verse celebrating the last few days of summer.

So, tell me, does art, in any shape or form, help you focus?

Beauty of Summer

By Nette OnClaud

A fleck of wheat along the bay / A quiver in the grass,

While daybreak shifts and ripples while / It mirrors clouds that pass.

Warm breezes drift among the trees / So calming to my ear

And only wistful eyes can seize / This dreamy atmosphere.

Then stars lend glitter to the night / To beam upon the dew,

Which reaches every tree with charm / As beauty thrills anew.

Image: http://www.pinterest/MikaBar


9 responses to “The Mind and Plans

  1. Congratulations!! You broke away from your crazy life to visit with your on-line friends. I’m impressed, as you are an excellent example of making time for you! Music or walking the waterfront provides more muse time for me than poetry… I never could relate to it. It is interesting as to what ‘turns us on.’ Have a dynamite day!

  2. Hi Silvia – I spend way too much time here … and probably should force myself to do other things … I do but writing calls me back. I’d love to spend time on an art appreciation course … and a poetry appreciation course … but I am learning about both through blogging and visiting galleries, or museums …

    Good to see you around though … cheers Hilary

  3. Gah, it’s been so muggy. Ick.

    You know, there’s a get-ahead blogfest for October. The idea is to write and schedule a bunch of posts ahead. Maybe that might help you get back on track?

  4. Thanks for sharing! I’m glad you made the time to come back. Summer is long gone up in the Pacific NW, but the poem is delightful all the same. :-)

  5. You are in good company. It is difficult to stay afloat and not become overwhelmed, not only with blogging but also everything that comes our way. Well, here you are back with a most lovely presence to match a sweet summer poem. :)

  6. Here, in Michigan, October 5th as I write this, we have had a mix of dark clouds, rain, as well as bright and sunny days, Temperatures now require some warm outer-wear. Mid-October will show lovely yellows and reds and orange leaves for the deciduous trees, also constant, year-round shades of bright green, and some blue for the evergreen trees. All of this has an effect on mood and how much we are able to accomplish with the tasks that we try to master. Late evenings, after my essential work has been done, I like to visit some of my favorite blog-sites, and am gratified many times by a “new world” with lovely pictures, essays that deal with a more gentle part of living, and admiration of creative and empathic blogging hosts who read comments and supply lovely responses. Silvia, your site is one of my very high favorites, and I never find enough time available to sample you prolific output! I wish you Best of Health and Good Fortune!

    Joe Rubin

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