Occasional Silence


The occasional silence … why do we need it?

To read, to hear ourselves think, to create. Silence nourishes our minds and souls. It connects us to the outer cosmos. But the truth is we don’t get enough. And we suffer as a result.

As multi-tasking and demanding quick thinkers, we are drowning in the noise of our thoughts, desires, and emotions. Drowning in the constant breaking news and trending subjects.

Noise is a pollutant to everyday life, but it’s deadly, I think, for creativity.

At the center of all of us there is a reservoir of stillness. Meditation likely offers passage to that sea of calm that lies beyond the noise of our mind. Reading is another way. Long walks, and so on.

And here’s the thing. We need regular contact with that part of ourselves.

I know I do. Badly. It keeps me sane and centered, I think. It’s where I reconnect with a source of calm.

The good news is that part of ourselves in never far away. Once the decision is made to go there. Or, in my recent case, once the creative bug bites.

So, this is a long way around the subject of my absence, dear blogging friend. I’ve been working on the next Zoe Sinclair novel while putting the finishing touches on a short story titled A Blurred Reality. No way around this but to disappear for a while.

As it is often the case in a community, the fear of missing out is never far from my mind. So, I thought I pour myself a cup of coffee and check in this morning.

Visit you, and, in the meantime, ask … how are you doing?


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29 responses to “Occasional Silence

  1. Hi Silvia. I’ve still got various AtoZ posts bookmarked to read but something else always takes over… Time out is definitely good for the soul. Looking forward to reading the next novel :)

  2. It’s lovely to read your post. So glad you took the space to create and get centered.

  3. I am well, Silvia. Appreciate your thoughtful inquiry. As to silence… my favorite space along with being in nature. Enjoy your impending weekend!

  4. I’m glad you brought yourself out today. That quiet time is important, though. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to draw the line.

  5. Yes, Silvia, silence is invaluable. I notice that between running my husband to his doctors’ appointments and being in a small apartment, I no longer have the privacy and silence I once had. Maybe that is part of the reason why I’m having difficulty writing again. I miss my privacy. However, I also feel overloaded with Facebook stuff. Do you feel that way too?

    Your post definitely is meaningful. And, it makes me think. Thanks! I love your intelligence.

    • Social media is a major overload, Gwynn. Yet, it’s become part of our lives. I think there is no choice but to take some time off, let things be as they may. Then go back when ready. I’m trying to stay away now, as much as possible, given the craziness over what happened in Dallas. All of it just breaks my heart.

  6. Good to hear from you, Silvia; that break in your silence. Were it not for the silence we wouldn’t appreciate the music. I do give myself silence — walks, reading, music; but there are still the quotidian obligations — attending to these I need to rearrange, because I’m not giving myself the time for serious writing. Thanks for the nudge. :-)

    • Welcome, Samantha. :) Love this line: were it not for the silence we wouldn’t appreciate the music. There’s so much to love about life and living, particularly after that much-needed break.
      By the way, I hope I’m not missing any new posts on your blog. I take it you’re also taking a break by the look of things.

      • You haven’t missed any new blog posts of mine, Silvia. I have been otherwise occupied — spent a week down in North Carolina visiting my daughter and two granddaughters, my aunt died (102), so attended her funeral, and other activities here in town with our Opera House where I’m on the guild, board and programs committee — so that keeps me busy and it’s fun. I believe in the importance of promoting the arts. Otherwise, I do need that sustained silence of concentration for my writing. I hope to get back to that very soon. :-) Thanks for asking.

  7. Hope you’re having a great day!!! So true your post. I love the ‘sound’ of silence. Still, I have to push myself to get out there to be in the noise once in a while!

  8. Silence is so wonderful! Your post is “spot-on,” and so very true. We need silence to hear ourselves think, to be creative, and to grow into the people we were made to be. Though I am glad you’re dropping by, every now and then, all the same. :-)

  9. Glad to hear about your new book and story, Silvia. We have to go at our own pace . . . Cheers, Denise

  10. Writing requires sustained concentration, only to be found by connecting with that part of ourselves. Good luck with the novel.

  11. Wonderful Silvia! Indira Gandhi: ‘You must learn to be still in the midst of activity & to be vibrantly alive in repose’ – a reminder to me. Good luck with the writing!

  12. So glad to hear from you, Sylvia. And you’ve been a busy bee! Silence is hard to come by. I like the “silence” when I swim – bird calls fill the air. Good luck with the next book!

  13. Yes, the mind does need time for silence. We do need to unplug from the world. Glad you’re getting the silence you need.

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