Yard #atozchallenge


I once read that having a Zen place — a small area of our own, carved into a corner of our worlds — is important.  A place to escape to, perhaps, let the mind and spirit be.

While I don’t have a real Zen area of my own, I sit out in the backyard sometimes, alone, and do absolutely nothing. It’s a place near the rosemary plant, and my sitting area consists of a pile of bricks.


Sitting area

I’ve tried to read while there, but the place hasn’t allowed distractions from a state of complete disconnect. When I brought a book, my mind wandered off the page, my gaze crawled to the top of the trees, the roses, a cat on the neighbor’s fence; my hearing picked up someone’s voice in the distance.

Not being able to read or write was a source of annoyance, but I’ve come to realize that fragmented thoughts made their way through while in that latent state, even if they took shape and reappeared out of the ether much later.

The yard, sitting in this particular place, might be where important thoughts are born, but not where they make their first sound, not where they learn to crawl or walk.  That happens later, when the process becomes complete on its own, free of influence.

Do you have a Zen place  — a tiny corner uniquely your own?


26 responses to “Yard #atozchallenge

  1. Hi Silvia – thanks for your recent comments – tracked back! I do find I can’t do things elsewhere … I need to be where I want to read and I usually need a pen and paper to hand for notes … and as you say thoughts appear at all times … so a notebook or jotter is an essential. Your yard with your roses and rosemary … sounds just wonderful to sit and relax and absorb the nature around you … cheers Hilary

  2. I think I need a Zen corner.

  3. Yes, I do have a zen place but I don’t call it a zen place. My Georgia room is a built in glass patio that opens out into my backyard. However, that room is where I tank up. I let my mind wander. It is also heated so that I can sit there during the hard German winters.

    Visiting from the A to Z Blog Challenge.

    Patricia @ EverythingMustChange

  4. My Zen place is…well, right now it’s my basement but I also ❤ to take walks and can find a long walk a fast remedy for a foul mood. My backyard is a pretty awesome place too.

  5. Well, I guess my whole condo is my Zen place. I can open the blinds and see treetops and sky. It is such a cozy haven for me.

  6. Right now I’m in this little room in my house, more like an alcove really with windows on all sides. Love it here and when it’s nicer out on the patio. Agreed, we all need that little nook in our lives and sometimes those little distractions are part of the process. Happy writing and reading.

  7. Ah! I so want a Zen place at my current house… I had one at my parents place, under a huge tree in the backyard which had a swing and I used to just sit there and spend my time getting lost in my own world! Reading your post, I just feel like rushing back home… :)

    Lovely post :)

  8. Yes. My deck. Sometimes, I just sit there, like you. But, I can read out there, too. Not as much writing. It’s usually windy.

  9. The funny part for me, is that typically my “Zen” place is at my desk staring out my window into the trees in the gully. When I move to the apartment I’ll have to find a new Zen place. I LOVE your mind and descriptions!

  10. Quite simply, Silvia, wherever my dogs are. :)

  11. I do have a Zen place in my house, in my studio, where I have a candle on a small altar, and where, as Gwynn says, I can look out my window at the ever changing dogwood tree and watch the squirrels and birds. It also comes to me through music, which I usually listen to in my Zen place. Also, interestingly, in my backyard when I hanging out the laundry and the birds are singing.

    Conincidentally, my Z post for tomorrow, Silvia, is titled simply “Zen.”

  12. I’m pretty good at finding a Zen place wherever I am. I just sit back, close my eyes and count back from ten – something my mother taught me! Seems to work. Thanks for a dreamy post.

  13. Zen is a great state of mind – I’m glad you have a “place” for it. My place is my pool. I swim alone almost all the time, clear my mind, and let my thoughts wander while I do laps – or I focus on a problem to find a solution.

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  15. I loved knowing about your zen place and that looks like a happy place to be besides the Rosemarry :)
    I do not have a zen place for myself but to me it is more of a place in my mind, where I can zone in sitting wherever I might be and I just zone out from the rest of the world.
    Now that you’ve inspired me, I’ll probably look out for my zen corner :)

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