Unique Moments #atozchallenge


Through hard times, fleeting inspiration, big life moments and utter monotony, we go on.

Photography helps us capture unique moments  — graduations, vacations — but how do we capture the monotonous, where much of life resides? In our hearts and memories, I suppose, for however long possible. On our blogs. 

There was a time I kept a journal. I remember finding it years back and reading various passages, delighting in memories of uneventful happenings — cramming for tests, burning dinner while lost in a book, dyeing my friend’s hair pink.  

A myriad  of everyday moments, unremarkable life snapshots; personal time I had some control over in a world full of obligations, illness, tragedies. News cycles gone wild.

The journal is gone now, or somewhere at the bottom of a box in the garage, not exactly sure. In reading it, I remember tapping into feelings of reassurance born from those very ordinary times of mental and emotional space, times captured mostly in my memories.

Do you register the uneventful moments of everyday life? 


Image: Lisa Openheim thefakeasmore


24 responses to “Unique Moments #atozchallenge

  1. I am sure we all have our unique moments we remember–some no one will ever know but ourselves and others to share again and again. Funny about pink hair and burning dinner!

  2. Yes, we all have unique moments in life. While I was working at landscaping our new yard, when my son was a wee toddler, I looked around to see him sitting in the dirt sucking on something. EEK… WHAT did he put in his mouth? I reached in to pull out two worms! Unique moments are hard to forget, like burning dinner and dyeing hair pink. Now it would be in style!!! ;-)

  3. A good reminder to register and give thanks for little moments of bliss and happiness in everyday life! :)

  4. Those mundane moments contain something of the sacred in them too – I have a diary from a verrrrry long time ago (from when I was a teenager) and I not that long ago I peeked into it and was interested to see my noting the ordinary … ‘Dad came home late from work’, ‘my brother beat me at tennis’ – that sort of thing …thanks Silvia!

  5. Hi Silvia – certainly unique moments … some I’d unravel! I don’t make a note of them … perhaps I would if married with kids … I do note things that amuse me on the blog … and I expect some will get out and about in due course … cheers Hilary

  6. I kept a narrative diary when I was in my late teens but threw it away in embarrassment when in my twenties. However, I have kept all my diaries (in the sense of appointment diaries) since 1981, the year we got married. They record not just major but minor, everyday, events and mean that I can always win an argument about when we did what! Mind you, it’s much easier after I went digital in 2001.

  7. Yes. I wrote about Unique Experiences today. Similar. It’s the day to day things that create great memories and build relationships.

  8. I’ve been seriously journalling since September 1989, when I started fourth grade. Over the years, I’ve journalled about lots of stuff. I even name my journals, since my second journal, Helena. Since #3, Cecilia, they’ve all been named after songs. My other journals are Rita, Prudence, Rael, Athena, Emily, Zelda, Eloise, and now Khanada. If I hadn’t recorded some memories, even years afterwards, I would’ve forgotten them entirely. I’ve read back over some old entries discussing things I’d totally forgotten in the years since.

  9. Great idea for my 2017 A-Z theme, Silvia — Boring Stories From My Journals. Probably, though, I’d bore my readers. That’s the wonderful thing about reading books and watching movies, they leave out all the boring parts. Problem is, then I think life should operate that way. But it doesn’t. I agree with Susan, “Those mundane moments contain something of the sacred in them, too.” They are unique moments, probably what bind together the seams in our lives.

    • LOL, Samantha. I doubt you’d bore anyone. Love the stories on your blog, the photos, the descriptions. Yes, movies imitate life to a point. Nothing or no one can really recreate a sliver of someone’s real life. Thank you.

  10. I rather like thinking about my day as a string of beads – mostly ordinary moments and the occasional extraordinary. And yet when we look at them strung together, side-by-side, every bead adds to the beauty of the necklace. Plus I like imagining I have a new necklace to wear every day. :-)

  11. Sometimes the mundane moments slip by unsung, and sometimes they’re like comfort food.

  12. Ahh it’s so true. Photography can be a journal of sorts for those who don’t have the talent of writing. Wonderful post. Following!

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