Time #atozchallenge


Time, the speaker said, is the most valuable commodity

We sat in a conference room listening to the speaker list a number of valuable things — health, family, work — only to expertly return to TIME. You can always get another job or obtain new possessions, but you can never recapture the TIME you’ve spent.

It struck me as ironic that I was spending never-to-be-recaptured time listening to him talk about lost time. But it was my choice, the public-speaking lesson invaluable.

The speaker went though several bullet points, supporting  them with sound analogies.

1.  Time is a resource, yet we can’t buy or save it. We have to spend it now.

2.  Time is life — we are the only ones who can spend it.  I had some arguments against that (family demands time, and I don’t really have a choice), but I was there to listen, not argue. And his point was valid: we are mainly in charge of our time. 

3.  Understanding the tricky nature of time. Nothing is easier than being busy; nothing is more complicated than accomplishing something. He was speaking my language, through and through.

An effective speech, rationally speaking. If only everything in life were rational. Time, like life, is what we make of it, as long as we’re happy.


I drove home, pursuing the thought to the point of obsession.  So…TIME.  This month, I’m spending  a lot of time blogging. Discovering blogs that make points I’ve never considered. Reading posts that show the world from intimately personal experiences. Reconnecting with, and meeting bloggers who visit and comment on my blog. And that’s a thrill. 

So, thank you for spending some of the world’s most valuable commodity with me.


Image: pxleyes.com, inspirationdaily


42 responses to “Time #atozchallenge

  1. It is a JOY to spend time with you as you are a valuable commodity that shares wise words! Besides your Truly are a friend! So, I definitely have Time for you!! Hugs!!

  2. It’s easy to talk about how one spends time, but things do eat it up without our realizing it. But sometimes it’s good to let those things happen. That’s what makes a life.

  3. Wonderful post, Silvia, I’ve just finished a five week online class to heal my relationship with time. Because in the end it’s all about a choice. I’m breaking up with busy :)

    • Gulara, great line — breaking up with busy. I am absolutely tired of Busy. I want Relaxation, lots of it. Thank you.

      • I think it takes time to build the muscle of relaxation (at least, that’s what I’m finding out for myself). I want relaxation too, but it doesn’t come in naturally. I’m constantly ‘on’, even if I want to rest.

  4. Thank you for making my time spending worth while. I’ve hoped to many blogs this April, being my first year on the challenge but there are few that I will continue following for sure, yours being one of them.
    This was another great post (I love the Dalí – like clock by the way) and this is what I’ve been thinking recently. I have to be grateful for so much things in my life that I don’t have the right to complain but only if I could have some more time, that would’ve been great!

    Rian’s Randomness

  5. Time more valuable than health? Not in my world! But I get it. Time wasted cannot be replenished.

    One thing ve done during this #AtoZChallenge is to catch up on blog posts over the weekend, when there is more (free) time. Waking at 4:00 on a Saturday provided me with more time!

    • Right, Martha. In theory, I guess, it sounds good — making time the master of all things. But we all know better. 4 AM? I’m tired just thinking about it. :) Thank you!

  6. I get the idea! Time is most valuable because you can apply it to family and health (biggies for me). Love the time I spend reading your blog!

  7. Thank you for sharing those valuable points Silvia :)
    Absolutely loved the point that nothing is easier than being busy, though how productive we are is an altogether different thing.

  8. Lovely thoughts, Silvia!
    It’s wonderful to spend some time here at your blog.
    Writer In Transit

  9. Interesting to me that though there is no such thing as space and time, time is often foremost on my mind, especially the older I get — there’s so little of it left. But, I am here, I exist, and I must do something; so, I try to make my time worthwhile and meaningful to others and to myself. The concept of time is a never-ending thought, for most of us, I reckon.

    Thanks, Silvia

    • Wise words, Samantha. We’re here, might as well do something with our time. Yes, a never-ending thought. One concept we talk about and plan around the most. Thank you.

  10. Simply loved it ! Connected.

  11. And it’s almost as unequally spread as money – some people have too much on their hands, others too little. We make it, save it, spare it, spend it, lose it, waste it, kill it. Nice to have spent just a bit of it discovering your blog!

  12. I love it! Especially the part about how easy it is to be busy but how difficult it is to actually accomplish something. That says a lot.


  13. Hi Silvia … quite true – we get benefits in surprising ways sometimes …

    Discipline give us more time … and that takes time to develop and get in the habit of … a necessity to achieve as much as we can …

    Time is ours – use it wisely though … cheers Hilary

  14. I’ve never really thought about time that way but it’s so true! I often feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time not doing what I’ve wanted or should be doing.

    Sarah Foster
    Stormy’s Sidekick!
    The Faux Fountain Pen

  15. What a thoughtful post. I am also discovering the amount of time it takes to blog (nearly) every day this month, but I am enjoying the discipline of it as well as the process of finding topics based on the alphabet – even though (or because?) it’s an arbitrary system. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

    Thanks for visiting my blog-

    Ellen Smucker

  16. The irony of spending time listening to someone talk about time! At my age, I think I’d be depressed to think of all my wasted time….so I’ll think about other things.

    You did say something, though, that I thought I’d add a thought to: “Family demands time, and I don’t really have a choice.” People do have a choice…sadly they walk away from children/husbands/family all the time…that whole “free will” thing. I sure don’t understand it, but it happens. My adult daughter’s father (my ex-husband) has seen her maybe 10 times in her life.

    And I have spent much time blogging this month. Each year about this time (because I am terrible about doing things in advance) I say I am not doing this next year…but this the my fourth years. There will probably be a fifth.

    The Brown Recluse
    Committed Thoughts

    • Margaret, thank you for the thoughtful comment.
      Yes, we have choices, though it never occurred to me to skip out on family. People do it all the time. In my own family, a parent disappeared from the kids’ life for years.That would be an impossibility for me, even one day.
      I hear you about promising not to do the Challenge again, only to find ourselves in the same place a year from now. :)

  17. There are times when time is not our own, and times when we can do what we like with it. The trick is to know which is which, and make the most of that we have.
    A great and thought-provoking post, thank you.
    Jemima Pett

  18. I love your post and the conversation continued in the comments. Time is such a mystery to me and I’m always eager to explore the thoughts of others.

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