Quietude #atozchallenge


There is tremendous peace in quiet everyday moments.

A state of quietude — time spent listening to the cadence of our inner voice. Hearing ourselves think. Time we’re no longer called upon to speak or focus … just let be.

Time spent trying to relieve stress, absorb the spirit of calm, ease into tranquil moments — body and voice collapsing together, no trace of anger or excitement left, only a dreamy quietude. Submerged in the depth of everyday moments. The quietest of time. 

Sure, the above description flies in the face of month-long, daily blogging, but stay with me for a moment. Ten days left and we can let go, then meet again re-energized by a time spent in quietude. How does that sound?

There is no substitute for a complete air of repose, for intervals of total calm that increase our awareness; make our energy, when once again called upon, that much more remarkable.

How do you completely submerge yourself in such moments?


25 responses to “Quietude #atozchallenge

  1. I read or write or go for a walk, and there are at least two cups of coffee involved before, during, and definitely after. :)

  2. I need my quiet time! I used to take bubble baths…:-) Now no decent tub + water concerns. But working at home I find time to get away from the computer, other things, and just…get away. I love my husband more than anything, but I also enjoy those times he goes away for a weekend with the guys. :-)

  3. Writing, baking and gardening are my favorites when I wish for a quiet moment to relax, rejuvenate and be my only company :)
    Beautifully put Silvia, we all need our moments of quietude and that too often.

  4. My walks, my book or just about doing nothing when I feel closely connected with nature,enjoying and communicating with each element of nature and my inner self. Accompanied with my cup of darjeeling 1st flush.

  5. Looking up at the sky for long periods always relieves stress for me. I love a cloud-filled sky to make it even more interesting. Thanks for the reminder we are getting closer to Z.

  6. I think I wrote about quiet my first A-Z!!!! Doing nothing is a favorite game.

  7. Quietude sounds delicious at this point! With all the activity in my life, I simply want to find a corner and collapse. The A to Z and my move may all end at the same time. I’m READY… except I’m not finished with the packing and moving things yet. I’ll get there! ;-)

  8. I love silent, solitude, and quietude. As it says in the George Harrison song “That Is All,” “Silence often says much more/Than trying to say what’s been said before.”

  9. It’s important to interject quietude into everyday life, even in the midst of a daily writing challenge! To really experience quietude, I like to shut everything else out and be alone with my thoughts. I think that’s the best way that I experience quietude. Thanks for reminding us to take time out for ourselves ^^

  10. I’m looking forward to regenerating, hopefully by traveling, during that time spent in quietude after the A-Zs, Silvia — and a quiet, peaceful moment here reading your words. In general, mostly I like sitting in the sun and breeze and watching the the birds and bees, literally, and listening to the wind chimes.

  11. Sounds like meditation.

  12. I do love this word! I find mine early in the morning (I rise at 5 AM) when I sit in the dark living room with a cup of coffee and watch out the window–before I start a busy day of work.

  13. I prefer music over moments of silence. It helps me focus and recharge and is my greatest source of creative inspiration.

    I featured you in today’s EOS Behind the Scenes! Hope you enjoy your visit to Viridis:)

    The AtoZ of EOS

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