Ponder #atozchallenge


There are many ways to look at life — a great many ways to ponder our hearts. Time and again, I find myself doing just that: pondering life’s many mysteries.

Why do we love? How is love strong enough to overlook faults and accept imperfections? Anyone who’s been in a long relationship knows love alone doesn’t endure, yet …

Love is the strongest force the world possesses. ~ Mahatma Gandhi.  

Or, take the love of a mother.

She falls deeply in love with her baby before it’s born. When she first looks into the face of that newborn, her love doubles. Instantly, the bond is there — she will stop at nothing to protect the child, work exhausting hours, and continue to worry long after her child becomes an adult.


Loves: husband & son years back

Love for deep friendships and causes: the strong bond between people who share common values, interests or beliefs — a different yet vital bond in our emotional and intellectual lives.


With 2 of my Toastmasters friends: people I’ve come to rely on.

So, I ponder these thoughts, these feelings coming from places unknown. From everyday moments, or exceptional moments.  They — the thoughts and feelings — build into a giant circle that spins and spins, never reaching a final destination.  Other than, perhaps, in stories.

Image: poetryandartinjetechesoni

29 responses to “Ponder #atozchallenge

  1. You’re a Toastmaster!?!? Greetings from another. :)

    • Hello fellow Toastmaster. I’ve been with them for approx three years, on and off — more off than on, but have finished the CC and CL. A strong believer in continuing education/improvement here. Thanks, Eric.

  2. Pondering leads to stories. Sometimes.

  3. You’ve certainly given me thought to ponder. The unconditional love I have for my mother – I’m reading your post at 2:00 A.M., as I leave her home. I just drove over to check on her because she didn’t answer her phone. My mom and my children are the most important people in the world and you are so right, we would move mountains and stop trains for them. Then we have the beautiful love of our friendships we’ve made over the years. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for a true friend. What a blessed and comforted feeling it is knowing we have people who matter so much in our lives. It makes me truly pity the people who don’t have anyone. Whether it’s by choice and they didn’t choose to form long lasting and loving bonds or perhaps by circumstance, they didn’t have the opportunity. But, I can’t help but wonder how a person never had an opportunity to form a friendship or compassionate bond with another. It just makes me sad to know some people are alone in the world, even people who have family. Thank you for the opportunity to ponder and to give thanks for my blessings

    Melissa Sugar @
    Melissa Sugar Writes

    • Melissa, how wonderful that you drove to check in on your mom because she did not answer the phone. Also, very touched that you read my post around the same time. Yes, I’m with you — don’t know how, or if it’s possible, to live life without strong, real love, and tight bonds. Humans — we’re social animals in need of giving and receiving love. No wonder the saying goes something like — he didn’t get hugged enough as a child.
      Thank you for reading and the thoughtful comment.

  4. Pondering is like inhaling the steam from your coffee.

  5. I didn’t know you were in Toastmasters. I spent many years in that organization and still maintain friendships with people I met there, whom I came to depend on.

    • Very cool, Dan. Yes, I’ve been part of the organization for three years, but have taken breaks. I’m giving a speech from my Advanced manual (Storytelling) next month. It’s a great organization. I’ve learned and, hopefully, improved in leaps and bounds. Moreover, as you say, the friendships made there are enduring. thank you.

  6. Love is a wonderful thing to ponder. It is the greatest force. #lovewins

  7. Hi Silvia – I admire you doing Toastmasters … I’ve tried twice and given up both times … I am now giving talks … so have overcome some nerves. Ponder is such a good word – I’ve been doing that these last few years – pondering as life continues … my mother’s life, friends and family, my own and our blogging friends – there’s much to consider and to take away with us – to ponder more …

    Lovely – cheers Hilary

  8. I have always liked the word “ponder.” Such a leisurely word. Happy “P” day!

  9. To ponder thoughts and feelings, where they evolved from can be interesting. Life itself keeps me pondering… especially these days. Thanks for a delightful post!

  10. You picked a great starting image for you post. I had to “ponder” to figure out what was depicted (at first, the leg portion of the person looked like a fish). :-)
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and journey with us.

  11. Beauty of pondering is we reach the depths of our soul and feel a sense of gratitude towards life… Lovely post!

  12. I’ve often pondered on how instantaneous was my love for my adopted children – that maternal bond is amazing. And I like to take time duringthe day to ponder on a thing or two! Relaxing…

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