Necessity #atozchallenge


One of the most common questions a writer is asked is, How do you come up with all those ideas?  One answer is life, just live life, but that’s too easy. 

Observing the world can be inspiring. Reading. Moreover, there is the muse I wait for my muse to talk. And if it doesn’t, that’s called writer’s block. Some writers despise the idea of writer’s block. No such thing, they insist. Just sit down and produce copy.

There are as many answers as creatives, none wrong. We all live within ourselves, within our perceptions. It is in such places, I think, that art is born. 


There is no explaining inspiration, is there? No explaining art. Art is born of questions and doubts in a world of imperfection. 

Through art, we have the capacity to shape our perception and the perception of others. Art speaks to the confluence of feelings and mind; and we keep digging and presenting our finds. 

One thing is clear, art is a necessity — at least to its creator. Inspiration is something else entirely.

So, as humans used to say a century ago or so … What say ye?


28 responses to “Necessity #atozchallenge

  1. “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Art comes in various phases and mindsets. It colors our world in a variety of ways. Where would we be without art???? ;-)

  2. Ideas are easy. Putting them to work, that’s hard.

  3. I have read that inspiration comes to people, who are attempting to write. i find that sometimes inspiration comes at other times and then I have something to write about. @suesconsideredt from Sue’s Trifles
    and Sue’s words and pictures

  4. For me writing is a necessity. It feeds my soul like nothing else does. Beautiful post, Silvia.

  5. One needs to find their meaning of life in the art they create to feel that art is a necessity of life. And when that feeling visits us, our life transforms into a piece of art.
    Beautifully written Silvia :)

  6. I think art is definitely a necessity to those who create it. Until it is transformed into an “incarnate form,” it nags us, and we feel unfinished. Art is making a reality of the beautiful things we feel, good and bad, and it is one of the more effective means of sharing that feeling with others.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  7. Art is necessity. .. that captures it all so wonderfully.

  8. Andrea @ Maybe It's Just Me

    It makes me crazy when inspiration is fleeting and unable to be recaputred.

  9. so true, no explanation for inspirations, it just happens and you feel like lending your pen to write and share with gratitude :)

  10. Ideas for my writing come to the surface, according to priorities. Dire necessity or just perceived need are normal. Having had an enormous number of needs over a long time, my habits have developed, and in the rear-view mirror I saw what I have written. In a broad sense, satisfaction or pleasure were my motives. My wish to all of you writers is that you are able to express as many pleasures as you can in activating your quill.

  11. Why I give so much time volunteering at our local Opera House is because of my great belief in the importance of the arts, to elevate humanity and to benefit us in many ways. The Russians placed primary importance on the arts; the Soviets did, as well as their predecessors. The Russians say now that they as a nation never would have made it through the 20th century were it not for their emphasis on supporting the arts thus creating unity. That’s a lesson for the rest of us to heed and learn.

    I agree with all you have included above, Silvia, and would add curiosity, which you touched on. My curiosity sparks many, many thoughts in my mind, and I want to find out about all these things and tell others the stories about them — whether or not they’re interested. :-)

    • Curiosity, absolutely. I remember growing up some adults chiding us kids for being too curious. In retrospect, am thinking that’s the best quality of childhood, the time we learn the most. The Russians and the arts, so true. Sadly, the Soviets caused many of their greats to die in exile, but …. life is not fair. Thank you.

  12. Indeed like art, its difficult to describe about inspiration. Everyone has their own set of thoughts and its difficult to pin point what exactly and when exactly a writer gets an inspiration!
    Loved your post <3

    Srivi – AtoZChallenge
    The Piscean Me | Twitter

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