Kid #atozchallenge


Remember how imaginative we were as kids? Spinning incredible tales in our fantasy plays, like when playing teacher or house or doctor? When every day seemed to have a story attached to it? 

Sure, free time and reign abounded, perhaps more so than for kids today, but there is something unique in a child’s mind that sets the imagination to limitless bounds.

Fearless imaginations. Watching the world though a child’s eyes defines imagining. Everyday moments are building blocks during this period, overwhelming in content and creation. Building blocks that become walls, going up until they grow to homes filled with color, thought, stories — maybe not coherent, but captivating stories.


Many such homes disappear as we grow older, when life intervenes.

Yet every time I watch a child at play, every time I see him smash and bash and crash, and create tornadoes or building castles, or take the family on a safari trip, become a doctor, police officer, a mommy or daddy, I’m taken aback at the richness of imagination. At what we allow to die inside over the years; what we later struggle to rebuild, one building block at the time.




29 responses to “Kid #atozchallenge

  1. Kids are most imaginative humans on earth.. They observe the life well and with creative imagination.. Their games are so innovative that challenge our perspectives..

    Childhood is the best part of life..
    But as we grow that spark diminishes and we get stuck in running for life.. Beautiful and great post.. :)

    Have a good time Silvia. :)

  2. hey i dint expect it to be so short as its an never ending topic for Moms rite ;)

  3. Nothing more inspiring than watching those little ones at play with each other or even alone in their fantasy world. Great post Silvia thank you!

  4. This is why I like working with kids. They are still so open and fluid. It gives me permission to be imaginative, and silly, and create, create, create.
    Go. Create. Inspire!
    Mary at Play off the Page

  5. Good point, Silvia. I imagine all the time, have stories running in my head that I want to write down and turn into short stories or novels, but life intervenes. A better focus and self-discipline would help on my part, but, still, life intervenes. And, so, then, too, don’t many of us feel guilty just sitting there inside our heads with our imaginings? I do; I feel that I should be out there getting something done, like making a phone call, going to the store, cleaning out that closet, composing yet another email….

  6. That’s such a wonderful point you have put across. As kids we indeed have fearless imaginations which we keep shutting out as we grow older!

    Awesome post!
    Srivi – AtoZChallenge
    K for Kite | Twitter

  7. That’s when I learned to tell myself stories. And kept at it.

  8. Yes, I LOVE the imagination of kids and my grandkids. I think imagination should be encouraged and not discouraged. A beautiful post!

  9. I used to could transport myself to imaginary worlds very quickly! Now, not so much. :-(

  10. This whole post was presented so beautifully ……. the pictures, the words …. :) You awakened in me memories of my childhood.

  11. The ability to play is a gift when it extends beyond young childhood. Imagination drives innovation. I hope the dreamers among us are not dying out.

  12. I used to love watching my kids play in their sandbox, they’d spend all day out there. They thought I couldn’t hear them but I did. Some of the things they’d come up with. :D

    Shelly @

  13. Surprising how kids think.
    It’s raining heavily & incessantly, parents voicing their complaints
    Little boy asks, “Is it going to rain for 40 nights and 40 days?”
    Anxious imagination.

  14. Fearless imagination paints the minds and directs the lives of kids.
    Your post sparked a train of thoughts that I’m sure are going to me thinking the rest of the day.

    @theerailivedin from The Era I Lived In

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