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Summers in Southern California can be extremely hot. The heat likes it here so much, it lingers throughout the year. Right now, as I’m writing this post, it’s the beginning of April, and my backyard thermometer reads 83 degrees. In the shade.

While the temperature is pleasant enough at the beach, venture a few blocks away from the ocean, or better yet into the valleys and desert, and it’s HOT.

The heat sucks all energy out of the creative spirit, making regular outdoor moments anything but desirable, bogging down inspiration. Yet, Angelenos and heat must coexist for a large part of the year, so when the sun dips below a certain point, and the breeze picks up just a tad, we hit the trail (or the paseos reserved and built for walking and biking through town) for inspiration.


walking paseo


There is nothing like the outdoors for finding the best everyday moments — watching kids play, admiring the neighbor’s new garden, color, and best of all, shade.

What are your favorite outdoor moments?


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36 responses to “Heat #atozchallenge

  1. Too many to list, Silvia. But suffice it to say, they remain cherished. And I miss SoCal life.

  2. Too many to enlist. Just walking along amy street could be amazing experience, especially if you are ready to look at it this way. On another note, I love heat, regardless if it’s at the beach or some back street. 95 f makes my whole body feel alive.

  3. Hi Silvia,

    I like what you write about your surroundings. Here are some thoughts about mine.
    The last part of the day
    I look at the setting sun, on a hot day in town,
    How with its huge burning disc, it slides down
    Into the horizon, setting the western sky ablaze.
    I feel totally energized by invisible solar flares.

    The air is still hot, but it starts to cool down a bit.
    I drink a glass of cool water, looking on the street.
    There are no cars driving through, and it’s quiet.
    I have a stroke of luck when I walk into my yard.

    I sit down and eavesdrop to the blackbirds’ trills.
    These songs have a calming effect on my senses.
    My heart throbs at the beautiful green scenery
    Laced with gold, from a background with sky.

    I relax for the next half an hour or even more,
    Getting rid of any worries, which I had before.
    I’m happy with what I have: a great day.
    And I thank heavens for the fiery display.

    I pick up minute vibes with my sensory perceptions.
    I see a myriad of colours; in the air I smell fragrance.
    I hear bird’s trills. I pick up a peach from my peach tree,
    I take a bite. I savour its flavour. It’s how it ought to be.

    I’m happy that I can live here and now, these days.
    I’m not worried at all for my loss, or for my pains.
    I stick to the sunny side of the glass-half-full-way-of-life.
    I don’t worry too much about things I’m not in control of.

    • Peter, thank you for the detailed and considerate comment. You list many reasons for happiness. I so hear you.
      I’m not sure how to reach your blog, if you have one. Link doesn’t seem to help.

  4. oh lucky you…we have our summer now and our thermometers are exploding with 105.8 degrees :(

  5. it sounds a lot like Western Australia where I live – our weather is usually really warm and then cool wet winters. I find it strange when I read blogs with pictures of snowfall several feet deep – I can’t even imagine what that’s like – but heat I totally understand :) Leanne @ cresting the hill

  6. Heat can be draining for me if extreme and I’m amazed at friends who so love it! If there’s an ocean close by, what could be better than jumping into bracing water. A favourite for me is walking in the shade of trees and observing …

  7. I love outdoors, but learnt to be careful with heat.

  8. Silvia! It’s 29 degrees outside – April 9 at 6:30am! What???? We are still waiting for spring here in Rhode Island. At this point, I’d welcome some heat. Our summers can be hot and humid, but that usually doesn’t last more than a few days, and is broken with a thunderstorm.

    I love mornings – quiet, contemplative. A walk by the pond, or around a nearby golf course. ❤️❤️

  9. We bought kayaks last fall, so my new favorite outdoor moments have been on the water. We are two miles from Lake Ontario and there are many large ponds next to the lake. It’s still to cold to use them, but maybe next month.

  10. It is hot here, too, most of the year, Silvia. I think we are going to have a real scorcher this coming summer since we barely had a winter. I can relate to the heat zapping creativity. I have been walking a lot in the neighborhoods around my building. One has sidewalks and one does not. I choose the one with sidewalks. Dallas has a long way to go in becoming a more walkable city. There is hope because some young professionals have made it their cause. It will be interesting to see what happens. I like those walking paseos you showed!

  11. I absolutely HATE the heat… unless I’m in the water swimming. There in California, my cry was “Surf’s Up!” When I was younger, I would take the kids to Lake Washington when we moved back to Washington from So. Cal. Now-a-days, I walk the breezy Poulsbo waterfront or hide in my house with the fan going to keep cool. Good Luck keeping cool!

    I just remembered. When we lived in Upland for two years we would go swimming in our neighbor’s pool. Heck, EVEN the rattlesnakes liked the pool!

  12. Love the paseos for walking, Silvia. I lived at the beach in SoCal, so it rarely was too hot there, temps in the low 70s and sea breezes. Here in Delaware today it’s snowing — well, wet snow mixed with rain, a bit chilly for April, but I’ll take it as opposed to the high heat and humidity coming soon.

    • I remember the east coast humidity — something I struggled with while there. We lived close to the beach for years, but moved ten years ago and are now a 40-minute drive away. So, we get some 2-3 months when the AC stays on and we stay in until a certain time. Thank you, Samantha.

  13. I think I would prefer the heat to cold! Winter doesn’t do much for my creativity except keep me indoors.

  14. Ah yes, I know just about when you wrote this. Glad for today’s rain?

  15. My favorite outdoor moments are in or on the water! I do remember when we lived in Newport Beach and drove to Orange, the temps went up about 15 degrees. Never wanted to live inland.

  16. I am lucky because I can handle the heat, and the cold if I have to. Actually I can ride a bike and hike in 100 degree easy peasy, but I have always enjoyed warm days. I do not even like too much ice in my glass, and have run out of overly air conditioned buildings, so SoCal has always been a good place for me. I would not do well in the midwest.

  17. Nilanjana Bose

    Here from the A-Z. My best outdoor moments are when I am travelling somewhere. On the drive, walking in a new city, on the train to someplace else, watching a sunset, on a camel safari….lived in hot places too most of my life.

    Best wishes,
    Ninja Minion, A-Z 2016

  18. Those look like beautiful walkways. I walk around my neighborhood. I do like to go places with footpaths. One of my favorite places is the North Shore of Lake Superior. You can read about it on N day!
    Mary at Play off the Page

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