Fountain in Calabasas #atozchallenge


I often walk by this fountain during lunch breaks. It’s in a place called The Commons, in Calabasas, a suburb of Los Angeles. 

A small, scenic attraction in the middle a shopping area. A break from the norm. Everyday moments abound here as the water ripples gain and lose energy, depending on the breeze. The sun shines on the sculptures, changing their appearance. The fish swim in peace, or so it seems to this intruding observer.

The developers have done a fantastic job building the fountain and pond near eateries. One can easily find peace while sitting for coffee or lunch, enjoying the view.


Sometimes I bring a book, or pen and paper. Beautiful settings with water in their midst foster ideas. They radiate peace, calm, serenity — all necessary for inspiration. It’s no wonder many sayings, metaphors and allegories, are inspired by water.

For whatever we lose (like a you or a me),
It’s always our self we find in the sea. – E. E. Cummings

Water, the precious resource that crosses borders at will brings both conflict and peace of mind. There is something special in everyday moments encapsulating water, either in static form or as it makes its way from top to bottom of falls or along a rocky bed of a stream.

A feeling of exhilaration, and yet still calm.


Image: tripadvisor


34 responses to “Fountain in Calabasas #atozchallenge

  1. Indeed, it seems serene and thought-prompting. Calm is apt, too. :)

  2. How very pretty. It is so nice to have these mini-escapes; these rejuvenating oases scattered throughout our lives.

  3. Lovely Silvia thank you! I can spot the fish … what a lovely place to foster ideas and to have exhilaration and calm at the same time :)

  4. What lovely fist! I grew up on a small inlet of a larger, man-made lake and spent many an hour walking by the waters, wading or swimming, or just looking at the ripples. Water calms me as well.

  5. How lovely to provide inspiration, Silvia. So beautiful and I can almost hear the water.

  6. I would like to have a nice pond like that in the middle of a shopping area, especially one near work. :)

  7. What a lovely place, and a lovely post. Also, I’m a huge fan of anyone who quotes e.e. cummings. :-)

  8. Love the way you used E.E. Cummings’ poem. Enjoyed the post.
    Visiting from the A to Z Blog Challenge.

    Patricia @ EverythingMustChange

  9. It’s calming just looking at the beautiful pictures, I can almost hear the tinkling of the water.

  10. What a beautiful place! Would be nice to visit just to sit and take in the beauty.

    Plucking Of My Heartstrings

  11. Lovely post. It’s great to find a spot for some quiet time.

  12. Nice, Silvia. Calming like the breeze blowing the ripples over the water are your words. I have a friend who lived in Calabasas for a time. It’s a beautiful area. I miss that California sun. I used to love just being out in the sunshine and the breezes. Ahh.

  13. Everyday moments are made for fountains–and vice versa. Thank you for commenting on my blog

  14. Beautiful pictures. I feel like I’m there in the sun with you! The water is so emotional… angry, crashing surf, restless waves, or calm and glistening. The developer had a marvelous idea in inserting the pond. Enjoy!

  15. A lovely area to write – its hard not to be inspired by water.
    Im blogging from Fill the cracks and Moondustwriter’s Blog. Happy A to Zing!

  16. Love the fountain and the fish!

    Yvonne V

  17. Water, Earth, Sky, and Wildlife at Peace- – -Your post, Silvia, brings my spirit to all of these, and I leave from here refreshed. Thank You!

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