Clouds #atozchallenge


Children understand the wonder of clouds, the puffy whites that form any number of shapes. Do you remember as a child when you imagined and saw in the clouds an animal or a person’s face? A heart.

Talk about everyday moments.

Adults suppress much of that imaginative talent, as life gets in the way. We don’t allow or even remember to take a moment out of a busy day and let our minds drift with the clouds, allow our imagination to dance with the images. Yet doing so can exercise the imagination; can help relax. It bring us into the present moment. It becomes an everyday way to appreciate the beauty of the world around.


Perhaps we feel guilty, because cloud watching legitimizes doing nothing. But it also allows us to experience the benefits of simply being. And why not?

So, here is to more cloud watching, dear blogging friend. To letting the creative mind, even if only for a few moments, run wild.


33 responses to “Clouds #atozchallenge

  1. Ohhh maybe I didn’t grow up completely, but I see so much in clouds… manta rays chasing dolphins and whales in the sky. I see what appears to be an alligator head that is really wood in the bay. I see many crazy things… but I can’t seem to shape a story to go with what I see.

    Beautiful pictures and imagery!! Happy Sunday! ;-)

  2. Silvia, are you on Instagram? I love clouds and take a lot of cloud pics! I will email you . . . MDC

  3. Cloud watching is great. Sometimes I still look for animals or things.

  4. Hi, Sylvia, i enjoy cloud-spotting and often post pictures of them on Twitter and my second blog, below. Sue.
    @suesconsideredt from Sue’s Trifles
    and Sue’s words and pictures

  5. I love watching clouds. Come to think of it, I love those rare opportunities when I can do nothing.

  6. Yes, I love cloud-watching, too. It taps into my creative self. Wonderful, Silvia.

  7. After the first sentence, I thought, I still look at clouds and see animals or objects. When I was a kid, I saw a giant whale. Taking the time to just sit and think, gaze at the clouds and imagine, sounds heavenly.
    Mary at Play off the Page

  8. I like the suggestion of cloud watching to tap into creativity. It’s such a peaceful activity- a great way to slow down for a bit while recharging creativity.

  9. I remember my grandmother had an old newspaper picture in a frame hung on her bedroom wall. The clouds formed the face of Jesus. I wish I knew what happened to that picture. I love watching the clouds.

    Plucking Of My Heartstrings

  10. I suppose I’m one of those people who will never outgrow watching the clouds and stars and discover forms and worlds in them. Lovely pictures.

  11. Coud-watching and allowing your mind to wander is good therapy…a guaranteed stress reliever.
    Great post.
    Writer In Transit

  12. There really is something so mesmerising about cloud-watching, particularly with a child :)

  13. Nice Silvia. Moments do come when I momentarily have to stop and look at a cloud that catches my eye, or formations of clouds moving across the sky with the wind. But, then, I think I have to stop and get back to my work — that daydreaming, letting my imagination wander guilt. I remember as a kid, though, kneeling on the studio couch and gazing through my window at the big white puffy clouds in the deep blue sky. Magical moments. Thanks for sharing some clouds with us, and reminding us to stop and look and wonder..

  14. Clouds are so beautiful, and it’s so fun to try to see shapes in them. They also remind us of the fleetingness of life, as evidenced by several famous lines in prayers and songs.

  15. I think the moments when we do “nothing” is what empowers us for when we have to do everything.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Andrea Lundgren
    Into the Writerlea Blog

  16. “It bring us into the present moment. ” This is so true! I try to remember to look up at the sky when I’m running around doing errands. Nice post! :)
    Mary Lou from Me In The Middle

  17. So true. A friend of mine–an RCMP officer–started posting photos of pretty clouds on Facebook and now everyone is sending him cloud pics. It’s become a thing. :)

  18. I love cloud watching and still do so whenever I can! :D Nice post!

  19. Loved cloud gazing with you Silvia – I still do it. Even those few moments of just being are valuable :) Lovely post thank you.

  20. I love watching clouds! Relaxing!

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