Awake #atozchallenge


I had a dream I was awake and I woke up to find myself asleep.Stan Laurel

A description, perhaps, of surreal images as reality cuts into dream, or our perception of the world from the edge of semi-consciousness. 

Either way, to be awake is to be conscious, correct? Even if stimulants such as coffee play a role. For the most part, however, we’re conscious of our surroundings and ourselves once we’re awake. 

But just how truly awake to the world are we? Does the simple state of being conscious mean being fully awake — mentally, emotionally awake?

I think not.

Awareness, self or otherwise, plays a huge role in being mindful. From time to time, while fully awake, I find myself adrift, unable to let things get through. So, what reaches the consciousness beyond mere presence?

As many things as there are humans in the world, no doubt.  I’m guessing for many spirituality plays a huge role. Passion …

… I find creativity helps treat life with a deep sense of awareness. A rich imagination. Inspiration. One must observe in order to create. Observing the world though storytelling eyes incorporates mindfulness into everyday moments.

Sure, we could get lost in moments of deep observation — I do — but even so, I usually re-emerge with parts of the story in my head. Parts that don’t always make it on paper, but they’re there, so present I could almost touch them.

What helps you be more aware of details, of the world around?

34 responses to “Awake #atozchallenge

  1. Yes by now am wide awake with my world surrounded by lovely people like you :)

  2. Hi Silvia, lovely beginning thank you! Observe observe observe is my mantra –

  3. Observing, inquiry, meditation – all ways to be fully awake.

  4. Something to ponder, for sure. Love the quote. Happy AtoZ!

  5. I find myself constantly observing things around me, big and small. I think that “light” is often what guides me, those sun strokes that may touch upon something I normally don’t notice. It’s only for a brief moment, and then the moment is gone again, but still, it’s a reminder that we are surrounded by so many things/views/situations, and that there are so many “scales”.
    Great beginning Silvia, good luck with A to Z!

    • Thank you. I love your observation about “light … sun strokes that may touch upon something.” Very much an aware moment, noticing the color of leaves change from sunlight. Yes, so true.

  6. You end with a tough question. I can be pretty oblivious to the world around me. I’ll have to think about that. Good luck with A-to-Z!

  7. I think you hit the nail on the head with creativity. When I get a good idea I feel excited and it all tumbles out – really awake!

  8. You have to alert to see the world around you, if you are going to be a writer. Inspiration comes from everywhere! Good post, Sylvia, but I’m not yet awake this morning!

  9. “Observing the world through storytelling eyes” does indeed give us an enhanced awareness. I’m with you. Sometimes, I’m daydreaming, though.
    Happy A-Z-ing!

  10. Hi Silvia, fab post and I love talking about anything connected with mindfulness because it’s such a vast subject! For me, being mindful and aware is a constant ‘practice’ for which I practice meditation, yoga and reiki. I also have my crystals for healing. All of these things, these practices help me to remain in the moment as much as possible, and help me to develop my constantly growing knowledge of being ‘aware’. I’m not taking part in AtoZ this year due to time constraints but look forward to following your journey as much as possible :)

    • Carol, I love your methods of keeping aware, vast and appealing. Yoga, especially. I miss doing yoga. You’re absolutely right, awareness is constant practice, doesn’t always just happen. Thank you for stopping by. Appreciate your encouragement.

  11. randommusings29

    I often find myself day dreaming, and kind of losing track of what’s going on around me. I do this most often when I am writing in my head and I often find the best ideas come to me at these times!

    • I’m with you, Debbie. Must be a writerly affliction — loosing track of the world around. But we’re rewarded with good ideas, most times, so we must endure, I guess. Thank you.

  12. You truly are an inspiration Silvia! This is a dynamite post. However, I find that I live in my head sometimes too much so I may not be as mindful of the life around me, as I should be. I need to figure out how to fertilize my imagination… IF I even have one! ;-) I look forward to reading more! Hey! I might learn something too! ;-)

    • I think it’s a product of our busy lives, Gwynn, spending so much time in our heads, constantly preoccupied with whatever life puts before us. It’s good we’re doing this Challenge, to get out a little. :) Thanks for coming by.

  13. This mindfulness which leads to daydreaming which leads to creativity — yes, you said it all here, Silvia.
    “… I find creativity helps treat life with a deep sense of awareness. A rich imagination. Inspiration. One must observe in order to create. Observing the world though storytelling eyes incorporates mindfulness into everyday moments.”

  14. Mm, very thoughtful. A few things I find help are smells, wind and birdsong. But then I live in the country. Looking forward to what you have in store for us this month!
    Jemima Pett

  15. Making yourself pay attention. I learned this through an acting class, of all things, where we were supposed to say what we heard. Then, we moved to saying what we saw, in partnership…and suddenly I noticed things about people I’d known for years, like what they were wearing, the color of their eyes, etc. Getting out of your head for long enough to truly interact with another person is priceless (especially for writers who need to write about other people, who may be very different than ourselves).
    Great post!
    Andrea Lundgren
    Into the Writerlea Blog

  16. Focus, intentional observation, being non-judgmental, and leaning in to both my intuition and discomfort. Thanks for the thoughtful prompt, Silvia.

  17. There’s a mindful writing tool called Small Stones.
    I lifted the following info from the net…

    A small stone is a short piece of writing that precisely captures a fully-engaged moment.
    When we translate something we’ve seen or experienced into words, it is necessary to pay more attention than we usually would. A few minutes of mindful attention (even once a day) helps us to engage with the world in all its beauty.
    Small stones are often concrete, specific, and written about ordinary things; as long as it’s shortish, anything goes,
    e.g. towels and shirts and pillowcases show me the shapes of the breeze…
    Small stones are everywhere, all of the time. All you have to do is pause and let them appear. You’ll know when you see one, because it will set off a small burst of feeling inside you. It might be that you really notice the ugliness of a piece of chewed gum on the pavement, or the beauty of a pigeon, etc.
    The best way to “pick up” small stones, is to catch them as they occur, by carrying a note-book around with you and jotting down what you’ve noticed or experienced straight away.

    This type of writing is an excellent way of cultivating awareness.

    Writer In Transit

  18. What helps me be more aware of details of the world around? When I travel away from home with less cell phones and internet access…

  19. Beautiful post, Silvia, awareness and staying awake in the present moment are the key to everything.

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