Moments Big and Small


The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.  – Albert Einstein

After a wild 2015 — novel publication and promotion — I’ve been craving a life of small moments dedicated to reading, writing, and, of course, family.

There’s joy and peace in small moments.  Moments so small they don’t get mentioned. These are some of the most beautiful, liberating, and authentic experiences.

Let’s not neglect the big moments, of course. From a young age, we’ve been told to strive for something big — college, profession, marrying the right person, giving a speech in front of thousands of people. There is nothing wrong with that, except I want to focus on those overlooked and sometimes forgotten times.

The times we let life happen, and in the process — perhaps without trying — we prepare for big moments, such as the A to Z Blogging Challenge coming up next month. And the Theme Reveal Day for said challenge, on March 21st.

Or who knows, maybe we’re doing something else entirely.

Small moments are like the first steps taken on a steep climb. Because of them, and before we know it, we reach the mountain peak. Small moments are like taking the blurry images from our heads and writing them down. Before we know it, the novel is complete.

Small moments are everywhere. In fact, chances are, we’re living in the magic of small moments right now — a cup of coffee sitting beside our keyboard, a friend sharing good news, finding the perfect words to express the right idea. Talking to mom. 


Small moments are beautiful in their authenticity. Although they seem insignificant, when those small moments add up, they have a huge impact on our lives.

The best part is, we already live in small moments. By trying to be aware of them, to slow down life and let them happen organically, the big moments will, hopefully, be much more rewarding.

On that note, I hope to see you on March 21 — A-Z Theme Reveal Day; and should strength and inspiration hold up, on to A-Z Challenge we go, one small moment at a time.


Image: CCO Public Domain


31 responses to “Moments Big and Small

  1. Yes, we need to take time to actually do and then cherish the small moments in life!

  2. I agree that small moments are important and add up!! Cannot wait for Theme Reveal Day!

  3. I love your post in many, many, ways!
    I am thinking of a similar post from a young child’s outlook.
    In my 3d year of life, my father rowed me down a quiet stream at twilight. There were trees on both sides, and also a moon I thought the moon was following me constantly.
    At age 13 I become interested in astronomy as a hobby. In young adulthood,I showed an equatorial mount of my telescope to my kids. This gadget allowed to keep a tiny star in center of the view-piece, while our planet was slowly rotating around on its axis. Early Impressions seem to linger on from generation to generation.

    • A most beautiful set of stories, Joseph. Thank you for sharing. All those small moments sure linger, don’t they? When we’re at peace, just relaxing, those are the moments that seem to give us the most joy — those beautiful memories. Thank you for stopping by and the comment.

  4. I should have amplified my experience. In childhood “the moon was moving,” I was convinced. Sometimes trees were taller, and the moon stopped following me. Suddenly I saw the moon again, playing peek-a-boo with me

    In my adulthood, with my equatorial mount, same general idea as employed in observatories, I could perceptually stop anything I would focus upon, any star, cluster of stars, even the moon! So, there!”

  5. Small moments, to me, are crucial. Somehow I think we have overlooked what IS important in life. Big, fancy, etc. can be nice, but when all that falls apart, it is the small moments that really keep us going. I applaud you!

    I think my A to Z Challenge will be about Caregiving. However, we are so busy trying to find a new place to live, I’m worried that I won’t be able to keep up with the challenge. I guess I’d better get started, huh!? ;-) Have fun!!

    • Your theme sounds very timely, Gwynn. By reading your posts, you’re handling the whole thing well. Hope you get settled with the move … it’s going to be a long month … we do the best we can. :) Hugs.

  6. Sometimes I think it’s all really small moments.

  7. That top picture is wonderful, where is it? Bowing out of the challenge this year – I had an idea but too many letters were missing so I gave up. Feeble, I know.

  8. Small moments are the voices speaking encouragement when you need them; the unexpected moments of someone’s helping hand; the inspiration of a new idea, like light shining through colored glass; the movement of water meandering through one’s mind; and the warmth summer coming just in time.

  9. Love it Silvia – thank you for the reminder! For me right now I’m attending to the small things in preparation for the big things i.e. my son getting married on Saturday 19th March. Hopefully I’ll be able to pre-plot my posts and schedule them what with also being away in Botswana mid-April …

  10. Hi Silvia – we definitely need those silent, quiet moments … when I’m out and about I try and keep away from interruption or noise … seems to help me.

    But we need to treasure times … to remember those small moments … that bring us joy, or upliftment, or just plain realisation about something …

    While the big goals are important too …

    The A-Z seems to now fall within my ambit from the time last year’s challenge has ended … it’s been a very creative experience for me ..

    Cheers and good to see you here and then anon soon – Hilary

    • Treasuring the small moments in preparation for the big ones … so true, Hilary. Glad to hear the preparation for AZs continues to be such a creative experience for you. I look forward to reading tour posts soon. Delighted you’ll be there and are always here.

  11. Yahoo A to Z everything!! See you at the reveal and the challenge!!:-) And that is what it is really all about the small things…..great post!

  12. Another lovely and thoughtful post, Sylvia. I used to lecture my medical students about treasuring the small moments in med school, not to be so fixated on the degree but the journey. Works for daily life, too – my cat and dog help me with little moments!

  13. inquisitivegeet

    Hey Silvia,

    We welcome you to the A to Z Challenge 2016. Thank you for signing up and participating in the world’s biggest group of bloggers. We’re so excited to have you with us on board. And so are you. And we’re so looking forward for your theme.

    We hope you’re all geared up for the challenge.

    All the best :)

    Geets, a member of A-Z co-host AJ Lauer’s wHooligan team.

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