The Joy of Binge Reading

If you’re like me, you make plans to go to sleep at a reasonable hour only to find that is’s 1:30 a.m. and you’re in bed reading an amazing page-turner because you must absolutely know what’s going to happen next. No sooner are you finished with said book, that the next one is screaming your name.

So, when Marie Lavender, writer and blogger extraordinaire, invited me to compile a list of five favorite titles for her Author’s Bookshelf feature, and describe why I recommend them, I said: Happy to!

You can skip the long blurbs, if you’d like to, and just take a gander at the titles and my short comments on each with one quick click on the image below.


For more on Marie, please take a moment to visit her blog for interviews, recommendations, reading and writing related articles. And more.

Thank you, Marie.

7 responses to “The Joy of Binge Reading

  1. And the joy of binge writing. :)

  2. I commented on Marie’s blog too. You did a fabulous and enticing job with your reviews. I may have to get busy and go purchase some of the books!

  3. 1:30? I’ve been known to stay up until 4. Not something I’d recommend, though.

  4. Hi Silvia – that’s way too late .. though can happen. I’m on my way over .. cheers Hilary

  5. Thanks, Silvia! Happy to have you! :D

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