Don’t sit back. Don’t relax.


I wasn’t going to join my husband and son for a visit to Universal Studios Hollywood yesterday. Having taken my son to his end-of-season basketball celebration Saturday morning, I thought I’d let the boys do Universal Studios while I work on my next novel and relax.

The notion of a peaceful and comfortable afternoon soon occupied my mind to such extent, it was all I could think about. The idea of visiting a popular attraction park in the middle of summer sounded extremely uncomfortable.

But …

It was also an opportunity to spend the afternoon with the two most important people in my life: getting on rides and acting silly, having lunch and dinner, getting splashed in the water-fun zone, laughing, and having a great time. Together.

Soon, another thought occupied my mind to a greater extent: best things in life – especially family – take a lot of work.

It’s easy to get philosophical about this, but, really, if we are to succeed at anything – be it writing a novel, building and maintaining relationships – it’s going to take hard work. It’s going to take emotional investment. And family is where the biggest dividends are either paid of lost.

So, I got up off the couch and joined my husband and son for a day at Universal Studios Hollywood where we took the studio tour, got on all sorts of rides – yes, we waited in those long, dreadful lines while the attendants sprayed us with water and offered drinks.


Left: walking in the park. Right: studio where War of the Worlds was filmed.

It was an unforgettable and tiring day, one we’re going to tell stories about for a long time to come. Stories my son will maybe tell his own kids one day. How easy thoughts of relaxation and comfort were forgotten.

Somewhere in the middle of this, I remembered my mom once said: it’s okay to be uncomfortable. Those who succeed in life learn to endure discomfort.

And in the process, hopefully learn to have some fun, too. It’s all about celebrating everyday life, isn’t it? In the end, the present day has everything to do with where we’re going.




20 responses to “Don’t sit back. Don’t relax.

  1. Also, it’s a cliche, but the old adage about all work and no play holds true. Glad you enjoyed yourself!

  2. Building memories is hard work.

  3. Excellent insight! Besides, I’ll be Universal helped add some stories for you to expand on at another date. Memories make fabulous stories too.

    • Thank you, Gwynn. I did get some ideas while touring, mostly on setting and such. Every scenery one can think of, Universal can put it together — Paris, NYC, the Old West, etc.

  4. Hi Silvia – what a great post … and the fact you all went – and all experienced the same things together … great memories all round. Yes, life can be hard work … but so rewarding … well done – it sounds a lovely day out … cheers Hilary

  5. Hey, that sounded like a fun day. I have been there once when I was a kid and remember touring through Lucille Ball’s old bungalow/dressing room and touching her hairbrush.

  6. You nailed it, Silvia. Marriage and children both take time and work. The rewards aren’t necessarily immediate but the longterm benefits don’t come without it. That’s not to say foregoing your afternoon of solitude for your own time isn’t just as important. It’s all about knowing how to seize the right moment at the right time. If we try, we can get it right often enough.

  7. It’s better to hit those places in the off season, but there’s fun to be had with the crowds. Sometimes.

  8. Making memories with your family = priceless. No regrets. Enjoy the fun.

  9. Relationships do take work– I have gotten off the couch several times to make a similar investment.

  10. I’m so glad you chose to go! My grandmother, a very wise woman, used to tell me each time we talked; family comes first! It was really hard to ensure that when my husband and I were working, but we somehow managed it. Whew!

  11. Lovely post Silvia! Those are moments to be treasured. Getting out of our comfort zones can bring great surprises!

  12. hahaha…ofcourse every moment is worth living,who knows how we would be surprised ;) so lets go get it

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