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In my pre-publication days, I thought completing a book and working with a publisher was the end of that particular road for me.

Slowly the realization dawned that while I have transitioned into being a published author, with a publisher, my work is far from over. And perhaps that’s how it should be. Only the author knows what went into creating the characters, the story. The author, then, should be the only spokesperson for the book.

I remember years back, when I would read an intriguing book, I’d flip to the author’s photo and imagine the interesting life she must lead to write such a story. I’d pay particular attention to the eyes. Not sure the eyes told me anything, but it was fun trying to connect the person in that photo with the story before me.

While I enjoy talking about my book, I am grateful to my publisher for taking care of the technical aspects: pricing, distribution. Thankful my publisher is sensitive to pricing, as I am amazed each time I see an e-book listed for nearly $20.

Thank God it’s not my job to look at numbers, units, and argue with distributors over ungodly practices, which my publisher often does on behalf of its authors. Or go after pirate sites. I admire those who have the patience to do so.

And so in the writerly spirit, I just completed two interviews for Stranger or Friend which will be published on two different blogs in the near future.

But wait … is there no end in sight to all this?

Maybe when the next book comes out. ♥  The next book … which I’m still researching.

And to end the post on a booklover’s note, I was told Stranger or Friend is featured on Booklovers Heaven today, in the mystery category (linked on the photo below). Oh, the joy.

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8 responses to “The Writerly Life — Booklover’s Heaven

  1. When we start out we think that published is the end of the road. But it’s only the beginning, isn’t it?

  2. Congratulations for doing so well. You are a wonderful example!

  3. Always other doors to be opened – lovely Silvia!

  4. It sounds like you are reaping some emotional rewards after months of frenzy and anxiety. Being on this end of it, and being able to see the value of a worthy oublisher has got to feel satisfying, and perhaps lessen a bit of the burden as you move into your second novel. Well done, Silvia ( and now I know several accomplished, published authors which pleases me no end!)

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