Road Rage ~ 5 Photos 5 Day Challenge

Continuing the Challenge: Southern Californian’s Quirks – Day 2


Learning to stay calm in any situation is an art form. Particularly when it involves staying calm while stuck in traffic.

In Southern California, where the term road rage was invented, staying calm in traffic is … well … easier said than done. We drive A LOT. We don’t really have a public transportation system, and the distances are long, so we’re left with little choice outside our abused cars.

I’ve long made peace with the fact that I have to drive all over the place: office, home, chauffeur my son to the one million places he must get to for various activities.

Here is how I stay calm when nothing moves on the roads, or try to.

1.  I’ve decided that since I have almost no time to get my news at home, in front of my TV, I catch up on all the news events while driving, so my radio dial is firmly set on NPR.


In fact, I look forward to my time alone in my car with my lovely NPR.

Yesterday, for example, I learned all about Google’s Internet balloons. (They are apparently flying balloons with wifi connection in the stratosphere in order to connect remote areas. Sri Lanka will be one of the first countries to benefit.)


Yup, I’m totally informed now, after listening to the whole shebang on NPR yesterday. Ask me anything you want. I’m ready.

2.   Remember, Southern California is a beautiful place. We have hills, mountains, the ocean, climbing rocks, you name it. So, between catching up on the news and admiring the scenery outside my window, I’m set.

 2013-01-31 08.39.18

Take that, traffic.

2013-01-30 17.42.35

I know I am to nominate someone for the challenge, but there are so many names coming to me right now, I can’t choose only one anymore.

I leave the photo challenge open to all of you, my dear blogging friends.  So, jump in, if you’d like, and run with it. Just let me know.

Here are the rules, however flexible:  1) post a photo (photos) each day for 5 consecutive days;  2) attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, a paragraph – all entirely up to you;  3) nominate another blogger to carry on the challenge. Your nominee is free to accept or decline the invitation! More importantly, have fun!

And if you’d like to share anything about traffic where you are, I’d love to read it in the comments.

Now, I’m off to visit your blogs, sorry I’m a bit behind. Blame it on TRAFFIC :)



11 responses to “Road Rage ~ 5 Photos 5 Day Challenge

  1. Fortunately, when I lived down in L.A. the traffic wasn’t AS BAD as you have it now. Of course all the California drivers have moved up here and Seattle’s streets are now wall-to-wall cars… the reason I moved to the other side of the Puget Sound. My heart goes out to you!!

    Hurray!! I finished Day 5 of the 5 Day Photo Challenge… see it here: PHEW!! HUGE SIGH!! Stay CALM! You are doing great!

  2. Bay Area traffic is getting just as bad as Southern Cal. (I grew up there, and moved here–yikes!–over 40 years ago. If stuck in traffic, I listen to NPR or music, or think about my current work-in-progress. I’ve come up with some good ideas and/or fixes while stuck in traffic. :-)

  3. Absolutely, Linda. Thinking about my story while in traffic is another good aspect. The personal time sure serves as a good time to make mind space. Thank you.

  4. Hi Silvia – I must say I try and travel out of hours if I can – ie when I’m leaving Eastbourne for a trip away. But I allow extra time – and decide I’m not going to get rattled … I guess being prepared with ‘peace of mind’ makes life easier. I enjoy the time to think .. and my radio hasn’t worked properly for ages – so I just ‘think’ or let the road take me along. I am glad i don’t live in a big city!

    Cheers Hilary

  5. Can’t do the photo challenge but love following you and learning at every page. Thank you

  6. Here in Spain especially when we get closer to Madrid it is fast and furious.. You need eyes not only in the back of your head but to the sides too as overtaking on the inside is almost mandatory. When in heavy traffic it is usually a waste of time leaving a safe stopping distance and it is usually filled. Traffic jams at rush hour are the norm and we tend to listen to music or an audio book… unless going to the airport we travel after 10 and before 5. great post..

  7. Awesome balloon photo!! Is there anywhere traffic flows smoothly?!? Certainly not Boulder-Denver-Colorad Springs area. We are finally getting some lightrail in urban corridors but the trek on the interstate to the mountains is BRUTAL at best and impossible at worst!!

  8. At the moment we’re holidaying in Plettenberg Bay where there is precisely one traffic light and the drivers are respectful. I thought South Africa invented road rage … You cannot believe the driving of taxis (or the language that trips from my sweet lips when cut into or nearly side-swiped). Drivers are known to get out of their cars at traffic lights to bash the living day lights of the idiot who just did what they did… But enough already, my BP is rising.. I wouldn’t dare giving the finger, and just keep myself to myself…. Amazing that it’s a common problem in big cities…

  9. Traffic in the heat… Just Monday I was chauffeuring my niece around in the heat and traffic. I’m not in LA proper, but in LA County.

  10. I experience construction to widen roads in the City of Southfield that is a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, USA. The nuisance and delays cause a lot of discomfort and I keep my silent rage inside my head. In a large metropolitan environment where I live, there are many classical music stations that I can listen to on the car radio. This is calming and nice compensation. I like to think of the significance of duality. Often a negative experience can be balanced by a positive experience

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