A Love Affair with Rain ~ 5 Photos 5 Day Challenge

The wonderful Susan Scott at Garden of Eden nominated me for the Five Photos Five Day Challenge.  Thank you, Susan.  After some reflection, the one recurring though evolving into a theme is:  Southern Californians’ Quirks. Day 1.

rain in Southern California

Nature’s poetry comes in a myriad of forms — from blue moons to Auroras to rainbows to the simplicity of shifting clouds. In Southern California we’re deeply enamored with clouds, particularly the dark kind as they promise healthy downpours.

Seeing we’re in our fourth year of drought, our rain obsession has reached unhealthy levels. Chances for precipitation are blown out of proportion, an illusory fantasy of showers and thundering storms.

inspiration for writing

The obsession runs so deep, we find little more enticing that the patter of rain against a windowpane. So much so that tracing raindrops on a glass is a favorite activity. So much so that we understand sunshine is seriously overrated.

Of course, if we lived in Seattle/Portland, we’d feel differently, but here and now, we love clouds and adore rain.

To artists, rain is the seed of inspiration — sure, many times the symbol of sorrow and disappointment, a metaphor for the melancholic, but also cleansing, reinvigorating and vital. Rain is writing and reading weather at its best. A good excuse to lock myself in with my characters or a good book.

Think about it. Summer rain in Southern California was, and still is, so rare that we used to associate it with disasters. A rain shower in July would be referred to as earthquake weather.


And now? Now we’re so deeply enamored with rain, our way of thinking has shifted almost overnight. When we finally had rain, this past July, the media called it a blessing and miracle. No longer earthquake weather.

What’s going to alleviate this obsession? Is that even possible? Only rain, my friends, and more rain.


According to rules, I nominate a fellow blogger to carry on the challenge, and that is Linda Covella.  Not obligation, of course, only if possible, and here are the rules:

1) post a photo (photos) each day for 5 consecutive days;

2) attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, a paragraph – all entirely up to you;

3) nominate another blogger to carry on the challenge. Your nominee is free to accept or decline the invitation! More importantly, have fun!

—– Images: pinterest, pinolaphoto.com

29 responses to “A Love Affair with Rain ~ 5 Photos 5 Day Challenge

  1. Oh, I’m laughing. You definitely have NOT been to the great Pacific Northwest in sometime! Now we are afraid all of the Californians will move up here as we haven’t had rain and it isn’t quite as hot as down in Southern California. We too are doing our Rain Dances.

    I loved your start to the 5 Day Challenge. I loved learning Pluviophile…I’d never heard of it, but I AM ONE!! ;-)

  2. This is a great start to that challenge – good luck :)

  3. My daughter gives me rain reports regularly – seems like you have more shakers than rain events! Pluviophile is such a great word!

  4. Doesn’t the news get crazy when it rains!? It’s like they’ve never seen the phenomena before.

  5. Silvia – you have such magic and creative – this is so great!

  6. Hi Silvia – California rains … they are a blessing when they come – the seeds long hidden burst forth giving you those wonderful roadside flowerings. It was the same in South Africa and I’m sure still is in other parts of the world where rain is the life blood – for the land, for all who live on it or in it …

    Pluviophile is a wondeful word … occasionally here we all feel like Pluviophiles .. but more often we change plans as it’s raining!

    Well done on picking up the Challenge from Susan … cheers to you – Hilary

    • Thank you, Hilary. It is a wonderful word, isn’t it? We are all Pluviophiles here, in love with the first drop of rain and so wishing for some more to save us. And now even more so with the fires up north. Thanks so much, always great to see you here.

  7. I’m no pluviophile, lover of rain. In the UK, the green isle, planning a garden party in summer is a dice game. Presently we have one day sunshine and one day rain, though only short showers. It allows me to sit under the dappled light of my apple trees every other day, to read and relax, instead of having to cut grass and trim the exuberant jungles every week.
    Hearing about the horrenduous fires in California, is sobering, and makes me count my blessings.

    • I could just imagine how different it is in the UK. More rain than sunshine. Here, it’s the reverse, we’re sunshined out. :) Thank you for visiting and the comment.

  8. Where I live, we are not having a drought, and therefore do not share your need for rain, but…I love it. The dark clouds promising a good thunderstorm, especially in the afternoon, when everyone (previously outside enjoying the sun by the pool) has to run inside and huddles together, watching the lightening flashes through the skylight. I love when I don’t have to water in the summer, and how perky the flowers, especially roses, after a good soak. I love the smell of rain, and I have discovered a new love: sitting under my awning while it’s raining, the sudden gusts of wind drying our sweaty skin. Lovely.


  9. Clouds clouds clouds. i like a sunny day, but clouds are definitely art on God’s canvas!

    Great start to your Challenge, Sylvia. We laugh in Colorado about how all our weather wirries come down to moisture – too much, too little, nit the right time, not the right place. It gives everyone a common discussion point – probably the ONLY thing lefties, righties and centrists agree on is “if you don’t like it now, be patient, ‘cuz it changes in the blink of an eye.”

    • Thanks so much, Sammy. You’re absolutely right, weather is one thing we all agree on, no matter the political inclination. In Europe there’s a saying — if we can’t talk about anything else, we exchange meteorological information. :)

  10. PS i hope Linda Covella accepts your challenge. i LOVED her book ‘Yakamali’s Gift’.

    • Yes, Linda’s stories are very good and well written. I know she’s on a blogging break, but will let her know about the challenge. Thanks for mentioning her book, I’m sure she’d love to see your comment.

    • Thanks so much, Sammy! You’re very kind to mention me and my book :-) I’ve been busy writing and with family concerns, so I haven’t been blogging. But Silvia nominated me for this challenge and…I accept! Thank you, Silvia!

      • Linda, I still have you on my ‘follow’ list and figured other priorities were keeping you away. Yakamali’s Gift was a wonderful book. I have wanted to give it a shout-out, but in a context where readers might pay attention (I think sometimes a post about a book is glossed over because so many are out there pushing books). I enjoyed weaving Sylvia’s book into my ‘sense of place’ explorations. I plan to do a similar ‘weave’ with your book in a series I’m working on now. It’ll be awhile before I get that posted but I will read your book again during the process & hopefully interest some other readers to but it😀

      • Thank you, Sammy. It sounds like an interesting project. And thanks for including Yakimali’s Gift. And I can see how Silvia’s book was a good choice for the “sense of place” project. I loved her book!

  11. Love this!! I haven’t found another person who has used the word “pluviophile” yet! I wrote a poem using that a while back. Awesome theme, and a great piece from one rain lover to another!! :-)

  12. Ha! Love it Silvia! I love the rain even when extreme as in huge hailstones. Here in SA the rain is usually accompanied by terrifying thunderstorms huge bangs and cracks of lightning…the people on the roads gp a bit ape for some reason . but o the smell of freshly laundered everything…your photos are gorgeous! !! Great start:)

  13. For me, rain is “icing on the cake.” I do not have to uncoil watering hoses for the suburban lawn, and bother arthritic joints by bending and using muscles that want to be left alone. I wish I could say something poetic about this topic, maybe a song such as, “Though April showers may come your way, —-it’s only daffodils——–your day. Generally, my wife always remembers 100% of the words, and if she were at my computer at this moment the words would be more complete.

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