Imagination – Day 2 of 3-Day Quote Challenge


Inspiration has no limits.

We’re surrounded by stories, music, oceans, the patterns of fleeting water. The wind, the sun, art, people. Obstacles and victories.

Creativity, love and nature are all fuel for the soul ~ G Brian Benson.

Yet many times we feel empty. Can’t formulate one creative thought.


We had a dream. In fact, we had lots of them.

But then life happened. And worry crept into our life, sucking the creative energy out of us like a leech.


Now we feel flat.

Grey. Uninspired. Heavy.

And we don’t know how to turn on the light.

Sure, we want fireworks. We want inspiring stories and belly laughs. We want passion.

Heck, right now all we want is a tiny spark. The ability to pull the story out of the emotional depth inside us and write it down. One word at a time.

So, what to do?

What reignites the spark for one writer may fall flat for other. However, I will share what works for me … most times:

1. Read, read, and read some more. Or if you enjoy other creative endeavor do it, again and again. Creative work produces creativity.

2. Let nature hold us. Walking, hiking, any outdoor activity will do. Becoming one with nature works wonders for creativity.

3. Let out your inner child. Be silly. Hug harder. Laugh louder.


We know exercising helps creativity. Well, laughter does the same thing. It decreases anxiety, improves mood, enhances resilience, adds joy to life.

In the end, the forces that subdued the story can be the forces that bring it out.





17 responses to “Imagination – Day 2 of 3-Day Quote Challenge

  1. Wonderful post Silvia! Yes, what recharges us? I think people forget the need to be silly, receive and give hugs, enjoy walks in nature, love our pets, play with our children and grandchildren. Allowing our minds to roam free and appreciating the beauty in the world. Stress deflates our balloon, so look for a pin to POP that stress-laden balloon! Great post!

  2. Love John Clare! A Romantic!

  3. Ah yes. Sometimes the creativity gets sucked out of us. Sigh.

  4. Hi Silvia … yes we need the creativity and imagination of a free spirit. Love the thoughts you gave here – and couldn’t agree more: a change is so good … we come back revived, or with new ideas … and if something’s bugging – then get on with it and do it (just do it!) – then the spirit will return.

    Wonderful .. and I love John Clare too … cheers Hilary

  5. Lovely post, as usual, Sylvia. Still thinking about my quotes, I can’t match you introspection and wonderful prose, so mine may be humorous.

  6. Inspiring post thanks Silvia! And I especially liked what you said about what works for you … this works for me.

  7. what recharges us…in the blink of an eye a vision, a transparent thought over imposed on a canvas of colors, a table or a sky, down or up, inwards or reverse, a voice or just facing all the demons and angels in one sentence.
    Wonderful blog Silvia!

  8. I definitely agree with letting out your inner child and being silly. It’s amazing where it takes you often-times :)

  9. This is why I like working with kids. They are so fluid and willing to play and laugh and be silly. I feel like it gives me permission to be childlike. I’ve been doing an art journal lately. It is a great way for my mind to wander. I’ll write about it on Z day.
    Mary at Play off the Page

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