Imagination ~ Three Day Quote Challenge

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Everything you can imagine is real. ~ Pablo Picasso

My friend Gwynn, from Gwynn’s Grit and Grin, challenged me to the Three Day Quote Challenge.  Gwynn writes one of the most humorous and thoughtful blogs around, her quotes among the best. 

Since I often talk about stories, I see no better subject for my quote challenge than imagination/inspiration. 


A bird pecking at the window, sunlight filtering through the trees — inspiration comes from everywhere. Sometimes it’s immediate other times slow and I don’t realize the seed has been planted.  

So many things can activate the muse – shape shifting clouds, a memory awakened by smell, sounds, a spoken word. 

And how wonderful that artists see the world through different eyes. Where a writer or poet sees a wilted flower, a metaphor for all that is lost, a painter sees the varying colors, textures, and lines that make the flower beautiful; is captivated by its physical miracle and paints it as such.

There is something marvelous in all things nature ~ Aristotle

Inspiration is interesting that way. Inspiration is beautiful. Every day I’m grateful that I have it in my life. Not always as much as I would like, but inspiration is here nonetheless.

Random things, sights, smells, feelings — I welcome them, let them take shape. Mold them into a story, and try to free the story from the constraints of mind and heart when I release it into the world.

Imagination, of course, needs to be acted upon, because There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you ~ Maya Angelou.

Per tradition, and in no particular order, I challenge the following  friends to the Tree Day Quote Challenge:

Noelle from Saylingaway

Mary from Play off the Page

Sammy from Bemuzin




17 responses to “Imagination ~ Three Day Quote Challenge

  1. Beautiful quotes to share. Thank you for inspiring!

  2. Great quotes, Silvia! Here is one for inspiration. Though it might sound negative, we writers know we just can’t give up if we’re passionate about our work and that at times it can be a tough road! From Winston Churchill: Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.

  3. Hey Silvia, your post is GRAND!! I especially liked your “Tree day quote challenge ” at the end! ;-) Your words are inspiring and so true. Also, thank you for your kind compliment about my blog… you are a SWEETIE!!

    You are so correct about our imaginations as it is amazing what pops into my mind periodically. Plus, reading other blogs can be inspiring too… like yours! Well done!

    Oh, did you see that one of Susan’s sons just became engaged and there is a possibility that The Kiffness will tour the U.S. We might be able to meet Susan in person. How COOL would that be? Hey, and maybe I’ll meet you on your book tour!! ;-) Hugs!

    • Thank you, Gwynn. You inspire me with your words. Yes, I saw that about Susan’s son. Would love to meet you both in person (don’t know abut a book tour. :)) By the way, I am reading Susan’s book of personal essays now. Can’t even express how wonderful it is, how very deep and emotional. I will showcase it here when I’m done reading it. So much beauty in the way she expresses emotion and in her the choice of words.
      Love and hugs to you, Gwynn.

  4. Wonderful post as usual, Sylvia. I will do my best with your challenge!

  5. Good grief Silvia! Just come by now to your lovely post and I read what you wrote back to Gwynn! I promise I am overwhelmed! In a VERY nice way thank you so so much! AND to say that I am reading yours and MUCH enjoying it – my heart races when reading, wondering WTH next – and madly trying to guess who the baddie is ..I’ve even imagined Zoe’s mother. I can’t wait to complete it (started a few days ago) and put up a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads but GR I don’t really know how that works.

    Ok, enough capital letters for now .. I love your post, imagination is everything. I can’t remember who it was who said about genius – ‘1% inspiration, 99% perspiration’ but using our imaginations is a great tool for inspiration…and being out in nature, observing, walking, giving the ego a break is hugely beneficial in getting out of the head …

  6. Sylvia, Gwynn, Susan, so much action going- on in our own , and between, all of us.
    Sylvia, I have your Stranger or Friend book on my Kindle, and right-off see your wonderful writing technique—hardest to leave off reading at the very end of a chapter.
    I have been in email contact with Elaine Mansfield, and have been reading her book, Leaning into Love, a spiritual journey through grief. Elaine also provided me with a link to the website of her late husband, Victor Mansfield, “who was a serious astrophysicist and spiritual and psychological seeker.”
    The website is:
    It is immensely worthwhile to learn what Elaine and her late husband have been doing for humanity over the years.
    As of this Friday, July 17th, 2015, Elaine and some friends will be traveling to California and will be there for 2 weeks that, symbolically speaking, represent “the Fruits of Labor.”

    Hugs to all,


    • Dear Joseph, thank you for the lovely comment. I hope you enjoy Stranger or Friend and come back to tell me all about it. It’s an absolute pleasure hearing back from readers. I will certainly look up Elaine. The book sounds immensely worthwhile, as you said. Hugs back.

      • Oh, and Joseph, I tried to visit your site, but there is no link attached to the image above. If you come back, let me know where you can be found. Many thanks again for visiting, reading, and the comment.

  7. I used that Angelou quote in my memoir. Lovely.

  8. And there’s the frequent challenge of finding the time to make something out of all the inspiration Silvia! That’s my issue anyway!

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