Coronado Island


Coronado Island, in San Diego, California, is blessed with scenic beauty that has the mind whirl joyful cartwheels of creativity, to paraphrase Jonathan L. Huie. 

It is also blessed with a rich history going back to the seventeenth century when Spanish explorer Sebastian Vizcaino caught sight of a group of islands seventeen miles off the coast of Southern California and named them Las Yslas Coronadas (Crown Islands).  Over the years, Coronado transformed into a place of affluence, the playground for celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Duke of Windsor, and many political figures.

Today, the island is a magnificent getaway with Victorian houses, old-style mansions, and beach bungalows. Although part of San Diego, it maintains a different personality and appearance, like that one family member whose style and characteristics are unlike the rest.

And so our trip began, over Coronado Bridge and into a different world, one of fun, a measure of sophistication, and utter relaxation. Quite the mix.


over the bridge                    walkway to famous Del Coronado hotel


Crown Manor, Tudor-style mansion, across from the beach


Del Coronado has its own vegetable garden


on the beach, hotel in the background                         sand castle


play time

As we played on the sand and roamed the narrow streets, all I could think about was the scene of a novel, for the island has it all — beauty and stories and secrets begging to be probed.

Stories about royalty, famous love affairs, and of course, the resident ghost: Kate Morgan, a young woman who checked into the hotel under an alias over the Thanksgiving weekend in 1892, stayed a few nights, and killed herself on the steps of the hotel leading to the ocean. Or so the story goes.


Kate Morgan

Destinations are novels, and many times I found myself drifting away from a conversation, imagining the possibilities. But stories, like good meals, must simmer in our minds before they are done.

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18 responses to “Coronado Island

  1. Uh-oh… dinner is simmering…especially when dessert is historic pictures. ;-) It has been EONS since I have been to Coronado Island. I don’t think I was much older than your son the last time I was there. Time definitely has changed it. It looks like you had a splendid time. You out did yourselves with that sand castle… I’m applauding!! Nothing like the beach, the waves, and salt air to rejuvenate one!!

  2. We spent a day on Coronado with some friends when the kids were preteens. I love the hotel and the ambiance. We need to go back! Such places do stimulate your creative thinking!

  3. One of the ladies in my writers group wrote a story about Coronado. Maybe one of these days she’ll get it placed someplace so you can read it. It’s a sad story.

  4. I can just imagine those wheels spinning in your head birthing stories. The combination of that historic hotel and beautiful beach – I was only there for one short weekend but you don’t forget unique settings like Coronado Island.

    If I was a fictional story teller I’d pick a room number and a view and write vignettes of that room’s guests from their encounter with the front desk clerk at check-in until they tipped the bellhop as he wheeled their luggage trhough the door at checkout. Just think of all the places those guests could be from and the, uh, ‘baggage’ they would bring to that room with them. Maybe make some of the stories dialogue only. What fun.

    I love the beach photos with your red shirt against your dark hair and light sand 😀

    • Thank you, Sammy. Now, you gave me some great story ideas here. Hmmm. Love the luggage and baggage way of looking at things. And it the past of the island is a good example, there have been some very mysterious people passing through. Thanks so much for this and the lovely words.

      • GO FOR IT! I’ve been trying a couple different types of prompts just for fun and might give this a go. I can think of several historic settings that are ‘ripe for opening lines’, but I’ll never write short stories or novels.

        If you use this ‘prompt’ I will love seeing how you finesse it. What fun 😊

      • It’s one of those things that hits when least expected. A sound, an image, something on the radio, and I remember: hey that idea from Sammy, I just got the perfect character for room number 729. :) Thanks, Sammy. Will certainly share when and if I have it. Would love to see you give it a go, for any type of writing, with a nice historic setting.

  5. wow – I am touched with this blog….I live on Coronado Island – I am glad you had a wonderful time…

  6. That looks a lovely place – I haven’t been to San Diego. My husband visits on business occasionally, so one of these days I will have to tag along.

  7. Isabel Allende writes about the 17th Century Spanish
    Conquistadors – I think it’s called Inez of my Soul ..en route to Chile and they must have stopped over in Conorado. I know that feeling of falling in love with a place. May it continue to simmer in yr mind and imagination Silvia until they can be written and savoured and manifested! The photos are lovely, thank you for sharing!

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  9. Lovely narration and awesome clicks. Nice to visit your space after a long time.

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