Creativity and Promotion

Creativity and promotion can coexist, but often butt heads.

As in my example. My publisher is running a promotion for my book, STRANGER OR FRIEND, (link here and book image, right side) and I totally forgot. To my defense, we had a big fire in the area yesterday, there were ashes everywhere, horrible traffic in every direction, and we could see the smoke and hear the water helicopters late into the night.


That aside, my wonderful publisher is running a promotion and the book is listed on several sites, Discounted Kindle Books and  Booklovers Heaven, so I thought I’d get myself organized and mention this wonderful event.

I was told the eBook is offered for $0.99 today, it goes to $1.99 tomorrow and $2.99 the day after.

And now that the bags are almost packed, we’re on our way to Coronado Island, finally.


image: abcmedia


10 responses to “Creativity and Promotion

  1. Fires in the area take precedence over all else. Have fun at Coronado Island.

  2. Have fun on Coronado – love that place. Used to have a fantastic Tex-Mex restaurant that we loved. With regard to promotion (hard, hard work) – ya gotta do it to get your creativity out there!

  3. Good Lord!!! And my post tomorrow mentions wildfires and slurry air tankers!! I’m glad you are ok. Have fun at Coronado – lovely historic area. Watch for those hunky Navy boys jogging on the beach (sorry, sightseeing takes on lots of interpretations!)

  4. Have fun!

  5. Have a wonderful time Silvia! Hope those fires are dampened by now – we heard about them …

  6. nice little promo post, Silvia, and have fun in Colorado.

  7. Great post, Silvia, and very creative and subtle promo for your current and next books. :-) We should all learn from you!

  8. Good luck with the book promotions and have a fantastic time on Coronado Island. Those fires look pretty scary–sounds like a good time to be leaving town.

  9. Boy, I hope those fires are NOT close to your home! Stay safe! Have fun down on Coronado Island. I haven’t been there in years. Plus, I’ll bet you do great at promoting your book!

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