June Gloom, June Cheer


Days seem to blend into one another, forming one repetitive entity — one of too many engagements — and there is never enough time to do everything, not even a fraction of things, in fact, as we trudge along like a programmed multitude of wired brains.  

But that stops in June, doesn’t it? June is filled with the promise of summer fun, family togetherness, vacations, picnics, and leisure. It’s the one time of the year when I seem to catch up on work … to some extent.


For many people June symbolize the beginning of summer, but here in Southern California, June brings us gloom, hence the term June gloom — another reason I like June, a break from the heat. And it follows May, which is known here as May rain. (Yes, everything must rhyme).

And, of course, curiosity kicked in as I was writing this post, and before long I learned that June was named in honor of Juno — protector and special counselor of the Roman state, queen of the gods, daughter of Saturn and sister of the chief god Jupiter.

However, the name is believed to also come from iuniores (young men; juniors) as opposed to maiores (grown men; majors) for May, the two months being dedicated to men of all ages. Here’s to you, gentlemen!



The month of June, for me, is symbolic of peace, of new scenery — as we’re planning a vacation to Coronado Island here in California. New places, new attitudes, a perfect time to make new memories, get re-inspired, refreshed, perhaps take a moment to reevaluate the journey and start the second half of the year with a clear mind and heart.  

Would love to hear what you have to say on the matter, dear blogging friend. Give me your June thoughts, or any thoughts.


Images: paintingsIlike.com, rgbstock, pinterest.com


14 responses to “June Gloom, June Cheer

  1. June definitely is a time of renewal… I HOPE, for me. I need to connect with new and different in my life, especially if it involves real live people. I also am working to see if I can sell some of my writing. Cross your fingers! Did I tell you that I joined the Writers NonFiction Critique Group? I finally was brave enough to submit a story. Now, I have a bunch or rewriting to do! ;-)

    • Glad to hear you submitted to the nonfiction group. Gwynn. That’s a talented group of writers. And I’m absolutely positive you’ll have stories accepted. A lot of great markets out there, and the writers in the non-fiction group would know where to point you for that. You’re in good hands.

  2. June is the start of summer here. All the way. We’re done with the school year. The temps finally heat up. We have a new kind of schedule. I get a little stressed out in June with the changes and kids home, then getting them organized for all the things they do.
    Enjoy your vacation!

  3. It’s summer. Warm and sunny and time for some projects.

  4. I drove to Coronado once. There was a bridge or something. (Long time ago.) Beautiful place. Have a wonderful trip.

  5. Gorgeous artwork!! Summer – I love it – it never lasts long enough but I’ll stay in the moment. Have fun on Coronado Island !!! I did a doubletake when you mentioned we’re almost starting 2nd half of year. Yikes!!

  6. June – soon it will be the winter solstice in this neck of the woods, longest night shortest day and the wheel turns taking forever for the weather to warm up! Right now we’re down at the sea which is lovely, returning home on Sunday. How lovely to look forward to your summer vacation Silvia! At first I thought Coronado was a spelling mistake – I love long long bridges. Have fun! Enjoyed your post thank you!

  7. We visited Coronado Island when we were in San Diego in June. Awesome.

    Here, June seems like every other month in the last twelve: unlike months of past years due to heavy loss, non-stop busyness as new honors and commitments are partaken and immeasurable growth is recognized in everyone, including myself. We are changing, adapting to our new normal and becoming more grateful for each other and our lives. I feel a thousand times older than just one year ago in wisdom, but younger physically as I am finally realizing the benefits of my work out regime. It’s really good.


  8. Atypical May, already hot and muggy June. Time to escape the heat for many people in Dallas. Many go to SoCal and many go to Colorado. I chose Cuba this year! May not be cooler but will be very interesting. Have a great time on Coronado Island, Silvia. You have had an awesome year. Hope next is just as good.

  9. Got my garden in, so wishing for more sun instead of all this fog. Though we had a touch of rain yesterday, so that was nice!

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