Mist in the Air


There was heavy mist in the air this morning.

We were making our toward the paseo leading to my son’s school when we felt it. No rain. Only this mist hanging in the air; precipitation with no impact on the ground. 

Strange.  Not so much the weather as the mood floating around like the mist. A three-day holiday leaves a mark of disconnect on the psyche. 

I look forward to those long weekends when I can disconnect, only to find myself separated from a daily grind that’s deeply ingrained. Perhaps too disconnected.


I read and read and it felt so good to let the mind feast upon the musicality of words, the story, another time and place. The hours simply disappeared as I read.


We watched Boyhood, a movie about so much life. On the surface, a film about a boy’s (and his family’s) life, from childhood to college, but it it’s very simplicity, a movie about so much more.

Then Monday came, and I was still home, still didn’t have to take my son to school or get in the car and drive to the office. I had one more day of … reading. I realized, as the minutes ticked away, that I could go for days without leaving my house. Just give me books, and movies about … life, whatever the interpretation.

But, inevitably, Tuesday morning and the ‘grind’ was upon us once more. As I stepped out of the house, the mist feeling like rain yet being nothing of the kind, I welcomed back the daily grind. It’s a return to the other side of ‘normal,’ if you will, for I could easily disconnect too deeply without the structure of school, commute, office and all that life entails.

 And before long, the mist was gone.


images courtesy: unsplash


11 responses to “Mist in the Air

  1. A three day holiday even puts me into a time warp, like the changes to and from daylight savings time. Today is Monday isn’t it… no, it’s Tuesday… I keep repeating. Plus, our day had black threatening clouds hanging over us. It was so muggy, I think if God wrung out the clouds it would have poured on us. Now the sun is fighting with the clouds for supremacy… I guess I’ll go back to my book while the weather decides what it wants to do.

    Yes, I can relate to your day! You might want to go see what my pioneers were up to. ;-)

  2. There was enough to have little droplets on the car windshield. But so light that an umbrella wasn’t necessary. It’s been rather gloomy lately, hasn’t it?

  3. Outstanding post, Silvia. ” … Days without leaving the house and books upon books and movies …” It’s called retirement 😀 Don’t hurry to get here because the price is your age, but i am loving it!

  4. I remember those days – so nice to have the kids home and sleeping just a bit later in the morning – when we weren’t running around with the non-stop sports! Glad you had a relaxing weekend,

  5. Love misty days. It’s finally overcast here, and threatening to thunderstorm. There’s an electricity in the air that is invigorating. it fills me with energy.

  6. It was a little misty here this morning, but in a beautiful way. Right now it’s raining in a not-so-beautiful way. :-(

  7. That anonymous message above is from me, who forgot to fill in the blanks of who I am. :-) So like me.

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