Zoe Sinclair ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge


“How much of yourself have you put into Zoe Sinclair?” I was asked in a radio interview, “As far as looks, age?”

Physically speaking, nothing. The door to my heart and thoughts, however, was thrown wide open,  the similarities endless.

I spent little time describing Zoe because actions and thoughts should do the work. I wanted someone who is completely and totally her own person. Someone flawed. She is not conventionally beautiful, yet can’t be ignored. I wanted intelligent, complicated. Intense.

A lot to ask of any character. So, how does one accomplish this?

Well, I gave Zoe the entire emotional, psychological, and moral weight of the story, since Stranger or Friend is written exclusively from her viewpoint. I didn’t want her role pushed to the background, become incidental or one-dimensional compared to other characters.

Why? First, because characters are the most important element — in my opinion — of almost all fiction. As a veracious reader myself, I respond most to compelling characters facing distinct challenges in memorable settings.

Second, the challenges ahead would break her to pieces. Intensity mattered.  In order to complete the journey, she’d have to put the pieces back together.  This story, you see, had been developing for years in the author’s mind. Now, it was Zoe’s journey; she couldn’t be bothered with small things. 

She took her seat … near the head of the coffin. The wool of the black dress on her skin irritated the heck out of her. She should’ve worn a pant suit but brought nothing black from L.A. Conforming to tradition, Zoe threw on the dress from Father’s funeral. The one she’d left behind to forget. But like unwanted company, death returned; so here she sat, back in black.

~~    Well, dear blogging friend, we laughed, moaned and groaned, but … we’ve made it.   I hope you enjoyed the behind-the-scene inspiration for my mystery novel, Stranger or Friend.   Now, a break before returning to our regular schedule.  Thank You.  Your comments this month have been like flowers on my heart. Sending all of you a great, big cyber hug!  Feel it? 


33 responses to “Zoe Sinclair ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge

  1. Silvia, it’s been a treat to have this behind-the-scenes glimpse of your writing inspiration and processes. I’m looking forward to reading your book, even more so now that you’ve given all these teasers. Will you be selling it through Kobo at some point? If not, I’ll buy it through Amazon, because you’re just that awesome, but they’re rarely my first choice for bookstores.

    Can’t believe we’re finally at Z! (Well, I’m writing this a few hours before my Z post is published, but still. Z!) It’s been a blast–and here’s a great big cyber hug right back at you!

    • Thank you, Kern. It’s been great having you here. The book is available on Amazon. I know it’s not a favorite place, but that’s where everyone, including editorials reviewing books, look first. So, it’s become a platform for authors aside from a bookstore. Stranger or Friend is there in e-book and print. I hope you’ll let me know your thoughts on it. I’d love that. Big hugs!

  2. Congrats to another great A to Z – a very interesting one, well done! Cyber hugs back!

  3. Alas, all good things must end. I enjoyed tremendously the behind the scenes look at Stranger or Friend! Get some rest. Xoxo, Denise

  4. Well done for making it to the end.

  5. Hi Silvia – well done … and Zoe sounds like a great character to end with … with so much to look forward to in reading her story in full … and black wool – I hate that .. it irritates me too … I can feel her squirming …

    Congratulations and now good luck with all the book promotion .. cheers Hilary

  6. This has been a fun and interesting journey with you through the alphabet. Relax, breath, rest, but don’t rest too long, I’ve gotten used to reading this page. Congratulations!

  7. Well done, Silvia! Congratulations on a great month of posts!

  8. A whole month of thoughtful, writing-related posts! Congratulations and thank you! You did save the best for last…

  9. Cyber hugs back – and good luck with the book promotion.

  10. Yes, Silvia/Zoe I look forward to reading more about you! ;-) I definitely enjoyed your teasers. Congratulations on completing the Challenge… we did it! A HUGE cyber hug to you too. I so appreciate your friendship and your comments. Thank you my cyber friend!

  11. Such ‘Zerendipity’ – your book arrived yesterday in the mail and I’ve got a few rainy days on the horizon 😍

    Congratulations on your highly enjoyable and very well-organized April Challenge. I know it was ‘edgy’ behind the scenes but you always come across as a smooth operator 💖. I will enjoy your book even because I can refer back to this series to guide me; it’s a unique resource and one I appreciate.

    • Thank you, Sammy. I collapsed right after the last post, and a few comments; haven’t turn on computer again until today. :) So happy to hear the book arrived. Thank you for your support. Look forward to resuming a normal blogging and blog visiting schedule.

  12. Congrats on making it to the finish line of this challenge! :D

  13. In choosing books to read, character is the most important thing to me. I can read almost any genre if there are strong characters. And you certainly accomplished that with Zoe. I loved your book :-) Congratulations on finishing the AtoZ challenge!!

  14. Whew, we made it to the end.

  15. From me to you, the hugest hug! I’ve so enjoyed the behind the scenes narrative Silvia thank you so much! I know that Stranger or Friend is on my Kindle and it awaits with much pleasurable anticipation!

    Congrats on getting over the finishing line in such style – Zoe indeed!

  16. Well done for completing the challenge. I fell behind on your posts part way through the month but I’m getting caught up now. :-)

    I had a funny feeling your Z post was going to be for Zoe. I like that quote you’ve shared, you get a real sense of her character in just a short extract.

    Cait @ Click’s Clan

  17. The challenge may be over but I’m still working on catching up with reading posts…lol I just finished reading your posts which made me very interested in your book. I will be reading it soon. Take care.

  18. And, you did an outstanding job creating her, describing her, and making me care about her. Well done. The book, the challenge, and living your busy life. Whew! High five!

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