Xabi ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge


Bucharest, Romania, cca 1988

Inspiration comes from old places, thoughts, feelings.

I mentioned in the J post who served as inspiration behind Sebastian Herod’s Greek heritage when I wrote  Stranger or Friend.  A friend from childhood we met on a trip to Greece. A boy named Basi (Basileus). The first who made my heart  jump all those years ago. We remained friends for a long time, until, inevitably, we lost touch.

But when describing Sebastian, I had a different image in mind — another face from long ago, but one of a different memory.

Meet Gabriel, or as we called him Gabi. Second one top-left in the picture above. My very first boyfriend. I am the first one top-left. We were at a party in Bucharest, if I remember correctly, both age nineteen.

Since he is an eX boyfriend, and Xabi is close to Gabi, and I simply couldn’t think of another X word, Xabi it is.

I know, creativity is going downhill fast after twenty-four daily posts. Please forgive me. With that said, please meet Sebastian, the man modeled after Gabi, or Xabi, via description and Zoe’s internalizations:

A slim-built man, his chestnut-colored hair hanging past his neckline, looked from Mother to Zoe, a hint of curiosity playing in his eyes …

He studied her like a critic going over an image and coming away interested. Zoe pushed that crazy notion out of her mind. Nothing wrong with a man giving a woman an admiring look. She handed him the coat and looked away before she saw anything in those eyes that didn’t need seeing.

She didn’t know him. She should say no thanks and go home. But those eyes. That smile.


13 responses to “Xabi ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge

  1. Xabi works. Why the heck not. We’re at the end of the trail, but the finish line still feels miles away–how is that possible?
    Love that line “like a critic going over an image and coming away interested.” Very nice!

  2. Hi Silvia .. exactly – Xabi is a great name .. love it. Then that enticing waht happens next in the story … love that you’re using ‘old friends’ to draft your characters and I look forward to reading your book … cheers Hilary

  3. I’m thrilled that I “know” you well enough to have picked your sultry beauty in the photo before reading which one was you 💥💞

  4. I’m giggling because I think my brain is fried. My “Z” might be like your “X”. However, you did a GREAT job with your post and the creativity. My first thought was that Xabi was an Armenian word … who would be able to say otherwise… Ok, except another Armenian. Good thinking and fun! You do have a fun creative mind!

  5. Love it, Silvia! Xabi.

    I can’t wait to read more about Sebastian in the next book!!

    I can’t believe we have two posts left! And I have no clue what I am writing about for Y and Z and that I have a book review due tomorrow, too, and, and…. Whew!

  6. I was wondering what you would do for X. You nailed it. Loved the old picture!

  7. oooo, I like him already… that image clearly remained alive Silvia:)

  8. I think we all need to get a little creative with X…

  9. It’s great that you modeled the head-turner after old boyfriends/crushes.

  10. X is always such a tricky letter during the challenge!

    I really enjoyed this extract. :-)

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