Wyoming ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge


Wyoming’s stunning landscape made my visit there a few years back an absolute pleasure. So, when I needed a rural place for my mystery novel Stranger or Friend, Wyoming’s majestic scenery immediately came to mind.

Moreover, I needed a good place for winter, and not extremely far from Los Angeles. It’s a big asking of any place — to serve as winter setting, far enough without being too far from L.A., rural, offer one of the natural world’s wonders (Yellowstone, mentioned in the book). But Wyoming had it all.


Here are two scene descriptions from Stranger or Friend.

They drove on the winding road, through the untouched wilderness that was Wyoming backcountry.  She could see the mountains far ahead… Up there were the trails she’d hiked with Angela and Lori, the pristine views. She closed her eyes, imagining the cover of snow over the point where the mountains met the sky.

So much vacant land in Wyoming. With all the rum in her, it struck Zoe as odd that humanity lived crowded like puppy dogs on top of one another, and this open land sat empty in the countryside. So much beauty. So easy to fall in love. Here, one could even see the stars. Beauty and silence and time to think.


Images: http://www.attractionsofamerica.com/attractions/wyoming.php, wikipedia


21 responses to “Wyoming ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge

  1. Beautiful descriptions thank you!

  2. This is high on my list of states to visit – you’ve made me want to go even more!

    • Oh, it’s definitely a place to see if you want to see the western essence of America, the old way of life, and some new, rodeos, cowboys, beautiful nature, Yellowstone, and so much more. Thank you, Anabel.

  3. Hi Silvia … Great introduction to Wyoming, which I really only know by name … and I love the two snippets … cheers Hilary

    • One of my distant aunts in law grew up on a farm in Wyoming. She is one of the strongest people I know, even at the age of 95, a nice, but no-nonsense kind of woman. She attributes it all to having grown up and lived in Wyoming.

  4. Your excerpt is one of the few excerpts I’ve read in the A to Z challenge that I’ve truly enjoyed. Thanks for sharing it.

    Precious Monsters

  5. One of the gals in my writers’ group here is originally from Wyoming. She posts these majestic view frequently. I can see that Zoe is going to have an interesting time.

    We have nearly completely survived the Challenge. Congratulations!

  6. Wyoming is on my wish list, so beautiful
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  7. I’m thrilled that you placed your story in Wyoming – often overlooked as ‘part of our drab high plains’ , wyoming is a beatiful rugged wilderness – still mostly untainted by the gobbling urban development. Of course the northwest corner is the most visited and appreciated, but the eastern land and people are the very essence of God’s country – evoking pioneers and cowhands from eras of high plains living.

  8. What beautiful imagery. BTW, I’m dropping in from a shout out to your blog from Rosie Amber’s blog https://rosieamber.wordpress.com/.
    BTW, I’m dropping in from a shout out to your blog from Rosie Amber’s blog https://rosieamber.wordpress.com/.
    @dino0726 from 
    FictionZeal – Impartial, Straighforward Fiction Book Reviews

  9. When I see the word Wyoming, it always reminds me of Green Grass of Wyoming, the third book after My Friend Flicka and Thunderhead by Mary O’Hara.

  10. We went on a family vacation to Yellowstone when I was 12. It was quite a while ago, but I vividly remember the stunning landscape, the wildlife, and how absolutely breathtaking it was. I definitely want to go back for a follow up trip, taking my husband with me this time!

    Fantastic post!! :-)

  11. Beautiful state, Sylvia. And two of my (other!) favorite mystery writers hail and write about that state: Craig Johnson and C. J. Box.

  12. Being a rural girl myself, I’ve often thought the same thing. Why do people live on top of each other, when they can have wide open spaces?

  13. I’ve never been, but it sounds wonderful.

  14. “Beauty and silence and time to think.” It sounds like a great place to be, I think I would fall in love with it too!

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