Reading, as in Author Reading ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge



And now, another short break from our regular programming to talk about author readings.

First a little background:

A few years back, I attended a book signing and author panel at UCLA. I was there to see Harlan Coben, mystery writer, but there were many others present. It was all very interesting, and I was struck by how good Mr. Coben was at presenting his public persona. However, that was not a reading per se.

The only author I’ve heard read from her work was Maya Angelou, and not in person, unfortunately, but on NPR. The author’s gift with the written word is apparent to anyone who read Ms. Angelou, but her gift with the spoken word was just as amazing. I could’ve listened for a very long time.

This Saturday, I am doing my first author reading from Stranger or Friend at a local bookstore. My husband will be strumming the guitar in the background.


Thanks to Toastmasters, which I’ve written about here many times, public speaking is something I don’t necessarily struggle with, but still, this is more than your regular speaking event. It’s supposed to be artful, melodious yet clear, interesting. Attractive in a literary sense.

Have you ever attended an author reading?





21 responses to “Reading, as in Author Reading ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge

  1. Lots! Good luck with yours.

  2. I’ve done a few readings, and I think Toastmasters is great practice! You’ll be great, Silvia!

  3. Hi Silvia – I’ve been to a couple of authors telling us about their background … one was a South African daughter of a friend of Mandela’s, while the other was related to the Charleston set .. so both very very interesting …

    Good luck with yours and I’m so pleased Toastmasters worked out for you … enjoy it .. and you know your book .. should be fun – especially with hubby there too .. cheers Hilary

  4. Bummer! I wish I was closer so I could attend your reading. I’m sure you will do an excellent job. You are lucky that you are comfortable speaking in public… NOT ME!! ;-) Congratulations!

  5. Given several, still learning! Pick some interesting excerpts that don’t require much explanation and be prepared for off the wall questions!

  6. Yes, recently, actually. I got a local author to speak at my sons’ middle school (since he wrote a middle grade novel), and he read passages from his book. It was great.

    Congrats on the reading. You’ll do great.


  7. This is so exciting; i wish I could be there. When I saw your musical accompaniament on the flyer, I thought what a unique touch tonmake your reading special and to have your hubby share your venture!

    Oddly i think reading aloud is one of the few things keeping me from joining a writing group!!! My voice is not conducive to engaging listeners (trust me) and I think my writing would be harmed by people hearing it presented by my own vocals.

    Your voice, on the other hand, I’ve heard and you will be a terrific reader.

    Now I have to make a list of people who could read for me !!

    • Sammy, there is a guy names Roger Love who is a great voice coach. He’s on you tube and other places. I went looking for my favorite video of his, but couldn’t find it, however he gives some great pointers on you tube. My voice is naturally nasal, so I have to make a conscious effort to speak more from my throat, chest. It helps, from what I’ve learned, to keep a smile on my face as I read/speak and the pleasantness of the smile can be heard in my voice. But I don’t always remember that. Roger is really amazing. Wish we were closer. I’d have read for you. :) But I’m sure you would rock any reading. Thank you. My husband has a microphone for me and the reverb helps a little with the way I hear my voice bounce back. :) Pretty wild.

      • Maybe you should put your reading event on YouTube 😉. It could help promote your book and I’d certainly enjoy seeing it.

        Thanks for the Roger Love tip. I’m going to check that out!

  8. No, I have not. I wish you much luck.

  9. I bet you will have lots of fun, Silvia. Wish I could be there. I have attended many, many author readings and I love going to them and meeting the authors. Some I have seen and heard read their work: Jeannette Walls, Jen Lancaster, Oscar Casares, Kathleen Kent, Christopher Moore, Joyce Carol Oates, Billy Collins.

  10. Good luck Silvia – you’ll do great! Let us know!

  11. I love author readings. Especially of poetry.

  12. The only thing close to an author reading that I have attended is a Flash Fiction Night that our writer’s club hosts each year. Writers take the stage to read a piece of their flash fiction. It’s a lot of fun – both as a listener and a reader.

  13. I have never been to an author reading and don’t remember ever seeing one advertised. If I ever have the chance I will.

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