Open Mind ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge


What keeps an open mind?

We all have opinion, don’t we? And they burn our skulls, especially when we come across pontificating know-it-alls who tell the world how God speaks directly through them. 

I grew up in a part of the world where politics and history were/are a religion. With everyone being your neighbor, and history going so far back, we have a lot to say about everything.

Early on, however, I found the best way to exercise an open mind is through reading. History, poetry, mysteries, philosophy, anything that pushed the boundaries. Read and explore.

When I didn’t agree with a certain view, I closed the book and let it sit for a moment. Coming back to it, I found merit in the argument even if different from mine. A well-argued viewpoint is worth A LOT


My son Keith, at his piano concert, 2012.

A few years back I signed up my son for piano lessons. He wasn’t interested, but I insisted.  Today, he can read music and has moved on to basic guitar. Explore, is what I told him, always explore.

How This Pertains to The Story.

In Stranger or Friend, one of the biggest realizations for Zoe comes during a funeral service, when she psychoanalyzes the townsfolk with their cloistered mentality.

But who is SHE to question people who simply live in a different world, have different wants and needs, different pains and joys? Whatever realization people arrive to, they have to do it on their own and in a gentle manner.

Did you EVER wonder: what if the views I hold most dear are wrong?


23 responses to “Open Mind ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge

  1. The various perspectives, prejudices that we hold in our minds influence a lot in the way we think. Of course we need to grow up and have an open mind:) Good post, and a while to read other posts of AtoZ Challenge.

  2. That’s a cute picture of an early reader.

  3. Everywhere, politics, reading, ‘religion’, relationships, cause shifting perspectives. I OFTEN wonder if I am wrong in the views I hold. Thanks Silvia, great post.

  4. Opinions and open-minds hopefully will learn to go hand-in-hand. Often I used to enjoy playing the “devil’s advocate” simply to see if I could sway the other person’s opinion or if they could sway mine. I don’t do this any longer, but it is an interesting experience.

    How and where we grow up definitely sways our opinion of the world and life. Experiencing life also helps us grow. I LOVE your post as you grew up in a unique area of the world.

    • We’re only human and it isn’t easy to keep an open mind. I know it’s not easy for me. Great example here, Gwynn, and how nice that you were willing to consider different viewpoints. Thank you for your kind words.

  5. No, I don’t worry that my views are wrong. Since I don’t deal in facts in those things, how can opinions be wrong? And if they don’t hurt anyone else…

    • That’s great, Liz, that you know this with precision. I’m not so sure myself. I’ve changed my mind about people and their views as well as mine, for example, many times. And definitely no need to worry about it. I just find myself wondering when I hear a well-presented argument that goes against the way I might see things.

  6. Always glad to find a post extolling the benefits of reading which, as you say, opens the mind and allows us to walk in another’s shoes. It’s an essential way of building empathy.

  7. my first visit to this blog, i like what you in the end, what if views we hold are wrong, perhaps that’s why we rarely ask this question

  8. nice post – we can never get enough knowledge

  9. Cute photo and I’m betting your children are great readers!

  10. We would all be well-served if we were compelled to swithch sides in debate or disagreements and advocate our opponent’s position while they do the same.

  11. You’re very right here, it’s vital to keep an open mind, otherwise we’ll never learn anything new. Sometimes it’s a good thing to have our beliefs challenged because it gives us a chance to grow. :-)

  12. Oh, I’ve wondered, questioned, and even changed, sometimes became stronger. Love the photo of your boy playing piano! We just had our Spring Recital today. So many sweet young musicians.

  13. I agree. Challenging our own beliefs is difficult, but can be very rewarding. It can either lead us to knew beliefs or it can strengthen the beliefs we already hold – both good outcomes.

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