New ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge


My husband Leo – summer of 1996

Why am I so curious?/ This territory’s dangerous/ Because You’re New/You’re So New ~ No Doubt song

The newness of life is beautiful, isn’t it? At times dangerous but beautiful. The problem is adaptability once the newness wears off, but we’re rarely concerned with consequences when intrigued. 

At the sight of beautiful newness, the heart dashes toward it, a joyous chorus leading the way. There is a sense of wanting to explore, to feel more, fearing time and place will dissolve as if a dream.

It can be anything, this beautiful newness: a new place, falling in love. It can leave one feeling spent. Ecstatic. Remember the day?  The precise moment when it happened. When the eye met this beautiful, new challenge, in whatever form.

Some twenty years back, I embraced the new — new home, meeting my husband. Joy mixed with trepidation. The feeling has evolved over time, yet retained a bit of its old self. I’m glad it did. I want to always look at the world as if I just saw it for the first time. 

How This Pertains to the Story

Change came in many forms for Zoe Sinclair in Stranger or Friend — from friend to foe, skeptic to lover. Too busy for love, she analyzed the emotion rather than felt it:  Love. We know so much, but understand so little of its pain. Why do we fall in love so easily?

But Sebastian belonged to that beautiful newness she feared yet yearned for. When she let go of prudence, Surges of pleasure rushed through Zoe and nothing else mattered—just the two of them, inside a steamy truck, in the parking lot of a tavern.

The story, however, is a mystery, with love playing a background role. But what is a novel without some romance; for what is live without love?


9 responses to “New ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge

  1. Hi Silvia – handsome ‘lad’ is Leo – good to meet him! I guess the spark of early love could set some lively scenes and it seems you’ve woven them into your story about Zoe … fun to read the background – cheers Hilary

  2. Thanks Silvia, love your excerpts from your book! yes please may we always find newness in the world, often to be found in the old, with new eyes.

  3. I do so enjoy your posts, Silvia. Looking for the newness in the world is like watching a child explore and learn for the first time… endearing and refreshing. Learning more about your book is delightful too. I look forward to reading it.

  4. I am getting so much more out of your posts because I’ve read your book. I recommend everyone get it NOW.

  5. Great point. Newness also gives a sense of adventure – which is hard to resist. :)

  6. You can become addicted to newness, I agree! Great post. ~Liz

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