More Snow ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge


No, this is not about a snowstorm in April. I’m happy to see my friends in New England and other wintry places are finally enjoying spring. You people DESERVE it.

I’ve always had an affinity for books set in cold climates, some of my favorites being cold-weather classics. Nothing like a story set in Russia during winter, I promise. And Dana Stavenow’s mysteries in Alaska… they sure make for a heck of a picturesque setting.

Something about winter and a cold that cuts to the bone and settles deep into the heart (literally and figuratively) really seduces me in a dangerous way. It adds to the element of conflict, another hurdle, if you will, for the character.


How this Pertains to the Story

I lived in cold climate for twenty years. I don’t miss it.  Notice I live in Los Angeles, not Chicago or NYC. No more winters for me. But I love it as setting, so I tossed my characters in the beauty and pain of winter.

Blame it on those early years, and a love for descriptions such as Main Street looked like winter fairyland. Fog rolled off the late, filling the street. Puffy clouds gathered, ready to blanket the town with snow.

And the metaphorical jewels the season provides:  Like grief’s journey, winter had just begun, and The cold wind hit from every direction this morning as if bent on blowing humans from the face of the earth.  ~ Stranger or Friend

Now that winter is just about over, I can safely say I love winter from afar and in my mind.

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18 responses to “More Snow ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge

  1. We’re entering winter here in South Africa, time to lie low and germinate. I loved those excerpts from your book: they are extraordinarily excellent thank you Silvia.

    • The one beautiful thing about winter, Susan, is that one can spend a lot of time writing. If I lived in Maine, for example, I’d want to be financially wealthy and spend all my time daydreaming and writing. :) Thank you.

  2. A good fire and warm drink go down well when I’m reading a book set in places like Russia.

  3. Fortunately, we seldom have snowy winters, but it is a great time to plunk by the fire with a cup of tea to read my book. I love listening to your story shape up. You are excellent with words and characterization!

  4. There has been some April snow in parts of Northern England this year, while the south is enjoying a heat wave! Sue

  5. We don’t have snow in my city so it’s something I have always imagined.

    • I imagine your city as tropical, though I don’t know. :) Winter is much better in one’s imagination. The real deal, when it hits hard, can be frightening, not to mention painful. Thank you for visiting and the comment.

  6. I understand the concept of loving the cold from afar. Being from the Caribbean I think I understand what you mean.

  7. We are so similar in our settings, Syvia. Love winter as a setting, but would I like to live in Maine during a winter? No way!

  8. Winter is pretty to look at (especially from inside), not so lovely to feel, on your frostbitten skin!

    We’re finally getting spring weather. Whew!

  9. In movies, snowy settings always draw your eyes to the characters and whatever action there is in the scene. I think in books it’s probably very similar. Everything is crisp and still so the action stands out against it.

    Winter is my favourite season, though I have to say, it’s always nice when the weather warms up. :-)

  10. Having lived my whole life in SoCal, I can say I have no idea what an actual winter looks like.

  11. Yeah, I enjoy snowing settings as long as I can visit them and then leave. I’m not sure I would survive for too long in a real winter. I’ve had enough short stints in those environments to make me appreciate short or mild winters.

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