Keep One’ s Wits ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge


Fig. to remain rational when under stress.  

And much easier said than done. Think of one time you were in a stressful situation. As much as you wanted to, keeping it together was not happening. I’ve had my fair share of such days, and hope I’ve learned something in the process.

Exploring the dark side of our minds, by choice or not, is an exercise in attaining life experience. Hopefully we’ll emerge on the other side in one piece.

How This Pertains to the Story

Conflict is the lifeblood of a story. We like our lives peaceful, but we don’t want the same for our characters. At the same time, if the conflict doesn’t seem realistic, we lose an important connections with the reader, and that is trust. 

In Stranger or Friend, there is one particular section where Zoe is attacked in the woods. I put her through the wringer, so to speak, after hopefully having built up to that moment and retaining the reader’s trust.

Here is a short snippet:

Frantic, she knew she had to keep it together, but someone was crushing her skull. A distant part of her was shoved to a bottom where she sunk into her own spit and blood.

Zoe struggled for a breath at the bottom of this pool, but darkness intruded. No sky, no trees, no way to tell which way was up.


Thank you for visiting, dear friend. Tomorrow’s post is Los Angeles, the place Zoe had escaped to before returning home, a city of suburbs and beaches and mountains and valleys, and so much more.  A place we simply call: Home. See you soon.


18 responses to “Keep One’ s Wits ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge

  1. Hmmm. I haven’t reached that point in the book yet. (I didn’t get much reading done this weekend.) Looking forward to digging into the story again this week. :)

  2. Hi Silvia .. very difficult to keep one’s wits when one is apparently beaten, down and out away from a neighbourhood … your plot is intriguing .. cheers Hilary

  3. Great post Silvia thank you! A friend has my Kindle on which your book is, I hope to get it back from her soon. I’m getting more and more intrigued!

  4. It’s always difficult for me to put my characters in challenging situations because my natural tendency is to want good things to happen for them!


  5. And Zoe definitely kept her wits!

  6. I’ve reached that point and am trying to figure it all out. It has me hooked for sure, Silvia!!

  7. Sounds like quite a page-turner…I really like the name Zoe, too!

  8. Boy, can I relate to keeping it together… particularly trying to live life and complete this challenge. However, I have dealt with many other challenges in life and sometimes have lost it. So I hand it to your character, Zoe, if she can survive nearly being killed and keeping her wits about her.

  9. Yikes. But if nothing happens in the story, there isn’t much of a story, is there?

  10. Sounds like a very difficult time to keep one’s wits about them! Hopefully Zoe comes out of it okay!

  11. I just read that part last night! Well done.
    I think I was holding my breath as I read it.

  12. Quite a pertinent phrase, it is indeed difficult in stressful times to keep one’s head on one’s shoulder and look at things objectively.

  13. What a gruesome, well written scene involving your character Zoe.

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