Jump ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge


Imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment. ~ Jane Austen

Smart lady, Jane Austen, and clever with words.

Imagination jumps all over the place when inspiration kicks in, turning the mind into a mess. A first draft is but shed thoughts. Yet certain aspects of the story are so firmly set, they never change.

Let me back up for a moment and let’s talk about love

When I was a teenager, my family traveled to Turkey and Greece — both close to Romania. In Greece, we met a family whose son Basi (Basileus) made my heart hop skip and jump, and for the first time brought something akin to Jane Austen’s quote into focus. We became good friends, Basi and I, and remained friends for a long time. But my heart still jumped. 

How This Pertains to the Story

Stranger or Friend doesn’t have a huge element of romance to it, but there is some. One particular evening Zoe and Sebastian become very close, and in case your mind is wandering in that direction,  Sebastian is of … Greek descent.

Basi is not the person I had in mind when I described Sebastian (more on that in a different post), but love sure is strange. It takes us back to that very first emotion that made the heart hop skip and jump. Wild and crazy how imagination also jumps, like the arrow on the map above, from the U.S. all the way to Greece.


I must apologize for not being as active as during previous Challenges. Book release and promotion is work. I hope my old friends trust I will visit, as always, and new friends know that blogging is a long-term relationship. This is the first dance. 

Have a great weekend, dear blogging friend! Look forward to visiting with you. 


13 responses to “Jump ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge

  1. Silvia, I DO enjoy your posts. Yes, I remember my first love… I married him. Unfortunately, the love didn’t last as I was too young and I knew too little about healthy relationships. However, there are aspects of that relationship that will always remain in my heart.

    Good luck with marketing your book. I DO take my hat off to you for attempting so much at one time. I would go NUTS!! ;-)

  2. Of course we understand how busy you are! Good luck with the marketing, dear.

  3. PS What happened with Basi?

  4. Hi Silvia .. your family certainly travelled – brave parents. Fascinating to read about how you incorporated Basi into your recent book … good luck with all the comings and goings re the book etc … and lots of sales – cheers Hilary

    • The countries are very close. It would be like traveling between states here in the U.S. One day drive, for example, between Romania and Turkey, just an hour by plane. Thanks so much, Hilary.

  5. Silvia, I am well into Stranger or Friend book now. Enjoying the characters and the mystery. Love this posting as well. No worries about challenge involvement. Cheers and Happy Saturday, Denise

  6. This month can be crazy. I hope you get all caught up.

  7. Love visiting new blogs during the #Challenge, especially fellow writers. Love what I have found and will now follow along. If you have time this April I hope you will come visit too. I’ll watch for you at the garden gate.

  8. It is brilliant how your imagination can jump from one thing to another and make connections between them. I can see how that can play an important part in writing, with little bits from hundreds of different experiences coming together to make something new in a story. :-)

  9. Lovely post thanks Silvia! I had to think back to my first love … there’s always something special about that.

  10. A life without imagination would be dull, for sure.

    AtoZ month is always hectic. I can’t even imagine (see what I did there?) how busy you are with the book launch and all. Good luck!

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