Interview ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge


And now, a break from your regular programming, while keeping in schedule with the Inspiration theme.

I would like to present my very first radio interview in support of Stranger or Friend. I’ve done one more since, in person, but this is the first — over the phone — with Scott Golden at Power of Perception.

It’s a long interview, but you could skip parts, or if you’re so inclined, and have almost an hour of free time (really?!?), here is the whole shebang (yeah, I spoke for nearly that long, and while it was fun, I was deliriously happy when it finally ended).

The link is here, as well as on the image above.




19 responses to “Interview ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge

  1. I’m going to save this post for later, Silvia, but congratulations!

  2. Is this the same interview that I listened to before? How COOL that you are being interviewed about your book. I’m sure my writing friends around here would LOVE to know about your interview and how you connected for it.

    • Gwynn, I think it probably is the same interview. The publisher sort of arranged for this — you’ll notice the host mentions other Solstice authors on the program. However, there are so many internet radio programs out there easily accessible to authors. And hosts like Scott are more than happy to promote the creative types. Thank you for listening.

  3. Silvia – this is so exciting to listen to. You sound exactly as I expected, and you are so poised and able to answer his interview questions so thoroughly! I appreciated learning some of your intentions for your book – like international as opposed to Romanian. I think part of your ability to speak so well cimes from your background as a child when story-telling was a big part if your entertainment. Congratulations. I know this took enormous energy to give the interview and you are definitelty a 5-star interviewee!!

    PS you are my second blogger to be interviewed this week about a recently published biik. I’m so thrilled to go ine step further in our relationships and hear your thoughts in voice as well as by written word.

    Big hugs of encouragement and love !!

    • Thank you, Sammy, for the kind words. I was nervous for the first five minutes or so, hence sounded a bit more robotic, but the host was very good, and once we fell into a nice Q&A routine, I was able to relax. Hugs right back. I am thrilled to have you as a friend.

  4. Congrats, Silvia! I’m trying to load it and listen. Maybe it’s my computer. Looking forward to listening!

  5. Congratulation Silvia! I hope you surf on this for a while. Be proud of your accomplishment!

  6. Hi Silvia .. I must listen anon – an hour is a loooooong time just at the moment .. so pleased for you .. and well done – a new experience successfully accomplished by the sound of it .. cheers Hilary

  7. Oooh, congrats. An actual interview. No time to listen now, but I hope it went well.

  8. Got it! You did great, Silvia. Nice to hear your voice. :-) All your answers: you sounded like an established pro!

  9. Lovely to hear your voice, so poised and thoughtful. You would think you had twenty books published!

  10. I don’t have headphones with me at the moment, but I will definitely come back and listen to it. It must have been both exciting and nerve-wracking to do. :-)

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