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We had all experienced that Eureka moment at some point. That time when the path (literal or figurative) looked clear, when we worked it all out. It may have been the result of an external situation or something internal.

Mine? Well, there were many. When I settled into a new life far from the old one and everything fit just fine. When I met my husband. That moment when we sat down to watch the 4th of July fireworks after a day of sightseeing (pictured above). Tired but happy. Small moments, when everything fell into place.

How This Pertains to the Story

In Stranger or Friend, Zoe Sinclair lives through difficult and painful experiences, especially toward the end of the book, but she has her Eureka moments as well.

One happens when the lawyer inside the woman is prompted into action, her understanding of what it takes to find the criminal so clear. Another is when she meets Sebastian whose smile, smooth as honey, would make him popular in any circle, and later she internalizes, was God trying to tell her she needed a man, this man, to force his way into the fortress that had become her life?

Love is a powerful force, as the author knows all too well.  

And after having blamed herself for failures, she realizes She’d played a part in improving the world, but the world wasn’t her problem to figure out. Maybe another day.

Think about the time you knew exactly what you had to do and did it. At one point, Zoe Sinclair isn’t sure she’d make it through the night, but she has clarity of heart and mind. She finally understands. Despite the fact that these experiences aren’t world-changing events, the process sure feels the same. Eureka!

25 responses to “Eureka Moment ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge

  1. Sure they are,and ofcourse the most cherished ones.

  2. aha moments! They’re the best! Loving how you’re using A-Z and blending in your thoughts with your book, thank you Silvia!

  3. I love the connections you’re making. :-)

  4. This E was a surprise, but so well tuned to your book! Lovely photo of you and your husband!

  5. Hi Silvia – yes lovely photo of you and your hubby. Fascinating how Eureka does just happen … we can suddenly realise what was there, but yet missing til we connected the dots … then we have our Eureka for that event of our time … cheers Hilary

  6. Nice photo, and comment on Eureka. It is lovely when the clouds clear and purpose is so obvious.

  7. “Think about the time you knew exactly what you had to do and you did it.” What a powerful sentence, Silvia! You are so right that those are world-changing events in our own individual worlds.

    I remember more of those moments borne out of necessity and self-preservation than I do in more positive scenarios. Nevertheless it was those defining moments that I look back on and realize I was strong enough to do what needed to be done to tske care of myself physically, emotionally, financially. It sometimes makes me shudder to think how I woukd have ended up if I hadn’t “bucked up” when I needed to.

    Great post; charming photo and, as always you provoke me to think!

    • Ah, Sammy, thank you. Small moments are world-changing in our lives. Loved your story here. Glad you were strong enough to go through with it. I know the feeling — that time when we just have to go for it, and pray for the best.

  8. Lovely to see you here again. I should visit more often, I know… I promise… like Christmas cards, I always intend to get in touch in between but somehow…

  9. Love the way you are using old photos! Great one of you and your husband and I liked the one the other day of you as a thirteen year-old. Adds a personal touch!

  10. Eureka moments may not be world changing but they can show you how to change your world (and maybe help the world change). I love how one of yours was meeting your husband. I have had those — meeting a great love moment. And then those peak experiences, one such I have posted on the left sidebar, top, of my blog home page, Thomas Wolfe’s preface to his 1929 novel, “Look Homeward, Angel,” for when I was shaping my confidence to realize I could actually be a writer, that inherently I am a writer, I read Wolfe’s novel about the man who carved the marble angel and went right out and unexpectedly met a man who, looking like he had just climbed out of a bag of white flour, led me up a dusty road in Jerome, Az., to his studio overlooking the open pit copper mine, and there, in a box on a bed of straw lay the white marble angel he had just carved: a peak experience moment I always keep close to my heart and soul.

    Thanks, Silvia. You are inspiring.

  11. Sometimes you just have to push on through…

  12. I think I could probably look back and track most of my critical life decisions by focusing in on those “Eureka” moments. I’m really enjoying how you’re linking events and realizations in your own life to those in your character’s life. As Samantha (above) says — you are inspiring.

  13. I’m not sure life has ever been clear enough for me to feel like, “eureka!” It kind of feels like I’ve always been bumbling along, hehe. I like to give eureka moments to my characters, though. ;)

  14. Sometimes, they hit you smack upside the head. Sometimes, they are just a small nudge.
    Play off the Page

  15. I have a few situations that could use their own eureka moment right now. :) That is one area where story is so powerful for us – it reminds us that these moments do happen even if we have to be patient at times.

    One question: You’re not going to give us any spoilers in these posts, are you? Because I’m reading Stranger or Friend right now (which is seriously affecting my AtoZ blog reading time, btw.) :)

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