Dinner with Family ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge

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Dinner with family was always a time to enjoy each other’s company, but more, a time for the elders to inquire into the younger folk’s lives, to sort of determine if things are all right with school, work, relationships, and so on.

We never sat at the dinner table until everyone was present, and rushed home to be there in time for dinner. When I go back to Romania, no time of day receives more attention than dinnertime. I’m sure this is the case in many households.

How This Pertains to the Story

One of the most emotional, and I would say important, parts in the story is when Zoe sits with her mother, who is not well, in such a setting, and questions about life choices abound, because as Mother says: Parents spend their lives looking out for their children’s safety and want to die knowing they’ll be okay.

And there is no better time, or none felt better as I was writing the story, for Mother to get this hugely important point across than as they sit together at or around dinnertime. Best time to nourish body and soul.


18 responses to “Dinner with Family ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge

  1. Oh man, your mother’s words are wise. As I age, my main concern is that my kids will be OK… but of course they are… they are smart and hard working— BUT, I STILL worry!

    I wish you and your family a DELIGHTFUL Easter!!

  2. Dialogue with mother and daughter – what could be more delightful and meaningful, around the dining table. Thank you Silvia.

  3. Dinner time around the table always used to be my favourite time of day. We used to share a meal and tease one another in a good natured way. It was always good fun.

    I can see why it might be the site of a crucial moment in your story. :-)

  4. So true. When our kids were growing up, dinner together at the table was always an important part of our day. I cherish those memories now that they’re off in their lives and creating memories of their own… Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting. Lisa, co-host AtoZ 2015, @ http://www.lisabuiecollard.com

  5. Dinner has always been an important time for us as well, but we’ve slacked up on it as the kids get into high school. I definitely want to fix that. :) It’s a great bonding time as we all share what happened that day and what is coming up in the next few days.

  6. Dinner is an important time in our family, too, Silvia. It’s often after dinner when some are excused but one child lingers and gets his/her own spotlight that I cherish.

  7. The loss of a definite dinner is one of the sad by-products of families where both parents work outside the home, I think. And there is truly more missing than just sitting down and eating at the same time. But when we are able to all come to the table at once it is a powerfully loving time. – Fawn

  8. Oh, yes, very true. Although, families aren’t eating together as much, nowadays. My son said, “I thought everyone did it like this.” Meaning, sit down and eat together almost every night. Turns out, many of his friends’ families don’t.

  9. Nowadays it seems like everyone flits about an doesn’t get a full fledged dinnertime.

  10. I was lucky enough to grow up in a family where dinner time was an important part of what kept us together. The time to check in, plan, discuss- it always happened around the dinner table. Of course, the fights happened there, too- but I guess that’s just how it works.

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