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Early Views

One can’t leave home, return, and expect nothing to have changed.

The biggest challenge when going back to Romania is seeing how fast the place changes from visit to visit. In the picture above, my niece and I return from a picnic in a park that was once a swampland, abandoned by the corrupt elite who used the funds for personal enrichment.  Everything changes so quickly, including my niece, whom I last saw when she was in grammar school. 

How This Pertains to the Story

In Stranger or Friend, Zoe Sinclair returns to a town where mentalities have completely shifted. Or have they? She was part of this community for years before moving to Los Angeles. It’s easy for her to look around with a judgmental eye, but who is she to judge them? She’d been way too comfortable once in her west-side youth group. What if she hadn’t moved to California? How would she have reacted to all the changes here?

So, was it the place that changed, was it her, or both? I don’t have a clear answer, but this is a predominant element of the story. As it should be, since I always ask myself this when I go back to Romania. Who or what really changed? And how can the change be so drastic that it gives me vertigo? Answers never come easy.

~ Have a great weekend friends and a joyful holiday. We get our very first break from blogging, yay! See you again on Monday.


27 responses to “Changes ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge

  1. Do you notice changes in the language? The way people spoke in the London area seemed to change in quite a short time once I wasn’t living there al the time. Sue

  2. I’ve noticed that when I’ve returned to the place I lived as a child. Sometimes it takes a moment to realise what’s different, like a house getting an extension or a tree being chopped down.

    I think some of the changes you notice when you go back show ways in which you’ve changed yourself, rather than just the place and people you’re visiting.

    Cait @ Click’s Clan

  3. Hi Silvia – having gone the other way for a while .. ie England to South Africa … and having worked with East European countries, and African countries .. I can see where you’re coming from. Home is home to a point – yet I guess for you .. you’re more comfortable being in the States now. I’m certainly easier now back in England .. but I do crave Africa.

    Cheers Hilary

  4. Distance gives us perspective. The rapid growth of children proves how fast time flies!
    Play off the Page

  5. When we are immersed in a place, we notice changes, but they are usually more subtle (unless they are a giant new development). They are much more definitive, and sometimes alarming, when we return to an earlier place in our lives.

    The phrase ” you can’t go home again” holds much truth for me. Whether it’s the home/town I grew up in, any other places I’ve lived, or most places I’ve traveled … They all change … As do I.

  6. That was really interesting – thanks for sharing! My post today is C for Cider With Rosie…. and Cats… ( I’m number 590 on the list) and so far enjoying the fun!

  7. I learned the hard way that you can’t go back and expect everything to be the same. I’d bet, you like me, changed in your move. However, Romania and my Kirkland changed while we were away. I went back to Kirkland expecting life to be the same… and shock of all shocks…it wasn’t and I had to change again! Yes, I can so relate! Great post and have a Happy Easter!

  8. There’s never a clear-cut answer to this one… Everything changes, constantly. It’s whether we realise it at the time that’s the interesting thing. I still haven’t got an answer by the way ;) #AtoZChallenge from Carol Cameleon at @AllSortsHere

  9. Sometimes it makes me sad to return to my old neighborhood and see how it has declined. You can’t go home again . . . But many old haunts are better than ever.

  10. greyzoned/angelsbark

    That old saying is so true: You can’t ever go back home. So often I yearn to return home (I live in Austin, TX but am from Niagara Falls, NY) but I know it can never go back to what it was. What made it so special was my lifestyle at the time: I was free, I was young, I was carefree. Life has changed everything. It’s kinda like that truth: you can never step in the same river twice as it’s always moving and thus forever changing. Sometimes it makes me sad that I can’t truly go back. Know what I mean? I do spend a lot of time thinking in nostalgic terms. At least I can always go back in my memories. GREAT post!
    Happy A-Zing…
    Michele at Angels Bark

    • Michele, so well said, thank you for the detailed response and of course, for reading. I tried to get to your blog several times and the site won’t open. Will try again, but in case you do read this reply, I really appreciate you stopping by.

  11. Both changed, but in different ways, so it seems like a bigger gap. Change is a constant of life. If we stay in one place, the changes we experience go along with the changes of the place. If we go away…

  12. Great link to your book – I like to return to my hometown regularly so I’m not so shocked by the changes! Luckily Plymouth has some sections that have not changed at all – historical!

  13. internetreviewofbooks

    I have never been to Romania, but I imagine it’s a country that has undergone tremendous change in some ways. My childhood neighborhood still exists, though the tenement I grew up in burned to the ground years ago. Change is constant, but its speed is not.

    Happy A to Z-ing!

  14. I can only imagine how much things would have changed going back like that. I can remember small changes just in the time I was away at college. Also, as I said on Twitter, I’m hooked on the book. :)

  15. Interesting thoughts – I think we change and our surroundings change and they are interlinked in that we change our surroundings to reflect the changes within ourselves and the changed surroundings then also react with our psyche. All art and everything produced is a reflection of how society is at that time. It’s fascinating. ~Liz popping in from the A-Z

  16. I think it must be both because, as the expression goes, EVERYTHING changes. We do, but the world does as well. Though I certainly agree that the more we change the more our world view shifts and that can certainly make the change in the world seem much greater.

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