Beauty ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge


Early Views

Another beach photo? You bet. What impresses a new arrival the most is the beauty of the place, and in Southern California, with the Pacific Ocean in our backyard, we have beauty galore.

I love the sea, as the shot below (age thirteen) near the Black Sea proves. Okay, one photo can hardly prove anything, but …


There is peace and serenity near the water — a sense of freedom with the lapping waves in the background, ever so peaceful. And a sense of beauty. The beauty of the sea, land and its people.

How This Pertains to the Story

Yesterday, I talked about tensions sparked by cultural differences, how my views as a new arrival influenced the writing of Zoe Sinclair who sees friends suspecting friends and neighbors distrusting one another as a result of such tensions.

But she also finds friendship and love. The vociferous few stand out in Stranger or Friend, but others prove there is good in the world.

Same as Zoe, I was the beneficiary of much goodwill upon arrival. Time and again, people opened up their hearts, inviting me in. The fictional aspect of that is shown in characters such as Doctor Knox, Zoe’s mother, Daphne Herod (the neighbor), and others, because we must be here for one another and trust in friendship. 

Nothing amazes more than humanity at its best. The beauty of friendship. We’re coming together more and more through the use of technology. Hopefully that will continue. There is beauty in the human spirit, in what we can do together.

Thank you for allowing me a philosophizing moment. Seems blogging takes me there at times.

Cheers and Happy AZing, friends!


35 responses to “Beauty ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge

  1. Beauty is definitely all around us if we just open our eyes.

  2. I’ve just read your A and B posts, enjoying the continuity of style. AZing is nearly amazing – which the challenge certainly is. Sue

  3. I love that second photo of you as a teenager. :-)

    I think sometimes we can find beauty in unexpected places, just as your character in your story does.

  4. Thanks Silvia, people are beautiful and the beauty of friendship is such a delight!

  5. well done and great presentation!!

  6. Lovely, Silvia and two very fetching photos 😋 there is magic to almost any body of water if you take time to learn its rhythms. This is proving to be a fabulous series – weaving your impressions of human interaction (without glossing) into learning about your new world plus the ties to your book. Fascinating connectionc!

  7. Your description of the ocean, the waves, the serenity, is lovely. I agree with what you said, that technology is bringing us closer together. It can also erase barriers. We learn to know people from the inside out.
    Play off the Page

    • Thank you, Mary. I would love to see us all erase barriers. Not holding my breath, but sure hope it will happen at a point in the near future, so we can all witness this.

  8. I so totally agree with your post. I believe there is something in my/our blood and in our spirit that beckons us and we are unable to resist the call of the ocean….. especially if I’m on land! Your “philosophizing” is bang on as well!

  9. Yes, for me the Pacific Ocean was a saving grace… a place for me to escape to. I spent hours body surfing, walking the beach, biking along the strand to Venice, as the ocean provided safety and serenity for me. Now, as I’m aging I am becoming a new me and enjoying people more. I so value the friendships that I have made on-line… AND my streetwalking along the bay in Poulsbo. People now make me smile. Wonderful post. Play in the sand for me!!

  10. You went right to the one place I would love to spend my days: the beach!
    Very nice post, Sylvia. Loved your teenage shot!

  11. Oh, I do love the ocean. It is so relaxing.

  12. I used to live in a place that when you looked out the back sliding glass door you could see the ocean. It was truly beautiful at sunrise and sunset. I have been blessed with friends of longevity (35 plus years). I have enjoyed reading your A and B post. Looking forward to the rest.

  13. My goal is to someday live near a body of water, be it a river, a lake, or the ocean! Cheers to you, Silvia!

  14. Silvia — I miss SoCal and the open door welcome I received from all when I moved there in 1967 and as I continued to live there for 30 years, where I raised my daughter — in Redondo Beach, mostly. I came back to Delaware, near where I grew up, to care for my mother who passed on in April 2012 after a decade of suffering from dementia.

    Now I am considering returning to SoCal. I miss the beach and the ocean very much — also the people from all cultures. And I am intrigued to see — even in one photo — you on the Black Sea, a sea that fascinates me and that I would love to visit.

    You and I have connected on the Internet before, via our friends Susan Scott and Gwynn Rogers. I am doing the A-Z challenge, too, this year. I look forward to reading more of your writing.

  15. The beach is my favorite place. It’s so calming and beautified . Enjoyed your post


  16. Having lived in Hawaii for the last four years… and now in Virginia… I am already missing the call of the waves… it’s the power of the waves, the freedom of the water and the peace that can only be found at a beautiful sunrise or sunset :)

  17. When people come together to do something wonderful, such as helping someone in need, or voting out a selfish representative, is one of the most beautiful things in my book. :-)
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  18. I, too, love the sea. I’m really enjoying these insights into what influenced your characters and story and I can’t wait to read it. Somehow I missed the fact that it was out already – I was thinking it was coming out this summer for some reason. *scurries off to Amazon* :)

  19. …and may blogging take you (and your reader!) to your philosophising many more times, Silvia! There IS still hope in humanity, for sure ;) #AtoZChallenge from Carol Cameleon at @AllSortsHere

  20. internetreviewofbooks

    Love that sailor photo!

  21. The more exposure I get to different people the more I find alike than different. It’s our beliefs in the differences rather than the differences themselves that put up barriers between us. And I agree that the beauty of the human spirit is the most beautiful.

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