Theme Reveal — Blogging from A to Z


The Blogging from A to Z Challenge is almost here. Yay! Hard to believe I’m back after almost crawling across the finish line last year. But who could resist a challenge involving chocolate … I mean, daily blogging. 

I promise to keep posts short, as I know we’re here to visit a multitude of wonderful blogs, respond to comments, and have a generally awesome time.


My theme for the 2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge is INSPIRATION.

Now that Stranger or Friend, my mystery from Solstice Publishing, is out in the world, I thought it suitable to show where my inspiration came from. I say show because there will be lots of photographs and little text. Quick observations. Keeping it short, remember? Very short.

Inspiration, as I’m sure you know, comes from feelings, life experiences, reading, and so much more. In the writing of this novel, inspiration came from my observations as an Eastern European immigrant to the U.S.

There are interminable things a new arrival sees, many invisible or hardly noticeable to locals. While the mystery is the focus, Zoe Sinclair, the main character, deals with a very real and human aspect in all our lives: a certain prejudice that hides in every heart.

She deals with much more, of course — joy, heartbreak, an overwhelming mystery, but one step at the time, right? :) 

So, let’s do this. The first post will be titled  Arriving. How does arriving to a new place — new country, new continent — at the age of twenty-two feel like?  See you on April 1st.


41 responses to “Theme Reveal — Blogging from A to Z

  1. ThIs is wonderful, Silvia! Great theme, and I’m looking forward to your posts. I’ll be revealing mine soon! 💕💕💕

  2. Yay! And we’re off. Looking forward to it, Sylvia. I may not comment every day but be assured I’ll be reading!

  3. Looking forward to your posts! What a great Theme!

  4. Your theme sounds wonderful. Looking forward to your book and the inspiration behind it and your other creative endeavors! I have my reveal post scheduled for tomorrow. See you along the challenge! Meeting you last year was my favorite part.

    • Thank you, Mary. So nice of you to say that. I’m happy I met you as well. Looking forward to reading you theme-reveal post tomorrow and beyond.

  5. Your theme is FABULOUS!! I can hardly wait. As for me, my mind is bouncing all over the map. I was going to write about all of the various volunteering I have done over the years, but I find I can’t stick to the topic. Sooo, we’ll see what happens. I’m rooting for you!

  6. Sounds good, Silvia. Congrats too on the book!! Already signed up :)

  7. I just can’t fit it in this year. Best of luck to you, Silvia! Great theme!

  8. Great theme there…yeah eager to know everything abt stranger or friend ;)
    Happy AZing

  9. terrific Silvia and looking forward to it!

  10. Will Be following again with interest!

  11. Hi Silvia – I’m behind with reading your posts … will catch up! Your theme is a great idea – we’ll need prompts of inspiration along the way .. cheers Hilary

  12. Sounds great, Silvia! A chance to learn more about you while eating chocolate ( it’s not clear whether one or both of us will be chomping chocolate). I chuckled at the image of you crawling across the finish line – I remember that feeling well from last year. Congrats for re-upping in the midst of your novel debut!! You’re a warrior 😋

  13. Inspiration sounds like a wonderful choice of theme. My sister and I are doing something similar on one of our blogs for the challenge this year, although only ours is just called ‘why’ :). Good luck with your posts, I hope it all goes really well and you have a blast.
    Tasha’s Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

  14. Sounds like a fascinating theme.

  15. wow – this is indeed a fascinating and behind every post you have a wonderful message to learn and practice!

  16. Such an appropriate theme, Silvia, as you have literally inspired me to keep blogging . . .

  17. Sounds great, Silvia :)
    I’m really looking forward to this!

  18. That sounds interesting. We all need inspiration.

  19. Oooh I’ve bookmarked this as I’m 30 pages short of finishing and don’t want to ‘spoil’ it ;)

  20. What a wonderful theme! My husband and his family immigrated here from Hungary/Romania in the late 70s! I can’t wait to follow your posts during the challenge and look forward to reading more! A great blog! :-)

  21. Now that I’ve read your book, I see that this post isn’t a ‘spoiler’! And in hindsight, why would it be when your book’s only just been published?! Really looking forward to reading your A to Z Silvia :)

  22. Sounds like a wonderful and upbeat theme, Silvia! :)
    I’ll see you around on the A to Z circuit!

  23. Woot! Great idea for a theme. It’s always fun to see what inspires a person.

    And grats on the new release!

  24. A great theme Silvia! I’ve read the first few posts and look forward to follow your inspiration through the rest of the month. I bet you have a lot of interesting things to reveal.

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