Another Step on The Shaky Road


First, a thank you is in order. Thank you for following my road-to-publication stories. For commenting. For being here.

As I await release of Stranger or Friend, I discover there’s always a new marketing tool, another article I should read. You know … to keep abreast of the latest grand strategy guaranteed to make the novel an overnight success.

I am tempted to take out an ad in the paper: hiring publicist who works for food.

Anyway, the latest is my amazon author page. Imagine that — a whole page on amazon with my name and shenanigans on it. Pity my husband for the inflated ego he’ll have to deal with around the house.

But, seriously I have a page. Here it is (and linked to the photo above), if you’d like to click on it.

And here is the cool part.

Amazon, as you probably know, has a way of arranging books in a certain order, making them more or less visible for the reader, and to do this they use a certain formula kept in a high security vault room.

While no one knows this formula, some secrets have leaked out. One is: how does an author get visibility on amazon? Sales contribute to this, sure, and reviews, but … oh, there is a but, dear blogging friend.

It takes more than sales to see a big unknown move up the ranks. It takes page views, and follows on amazon.  The more page views an author gets — and of course, the more follows — the more visibility. And the more visibility, the higher the ranking. And higher ranking keeps an author from sinking to the bottom of the amazon pool.

I did my best to put together a half-decent page, and  … tam taram tam tam, I now present it to you. Would love to know what you think.

Thank you.

15 responses to “Another Step on The Shaky Road

  1. Looks great, Silvia! and I followed :-) Regarding the part of the road you’re currently on–marketing. One step at a time, or it can get overwhelming!!

  2. I am following you ;)

  3. I enjoyed your page on Amazon and I’m following you… hmmm, OR is it called stalking? ;-) I think you will do marvelous! I don’t envy you though as I HATE talking in front of people. I’m applauding.

  4. Great page on Amazon – clicked on, followed! Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the new moon, solar eclipse and equinox – all just before release date!

  5. Welcome to Author Central, Silvia. Very nice page. I hope the number of books to your name will steadily grow!

  6. It’s a fantastic Amazon page. All your hard work is bound to pay off! :)

    • Thanks so much, Carol. You know, when I click on your name here, the link takes me to your website, not blog, although it can be found from there, but thought I’d mention this, in case you want bloggers to be directed to your blog right away.

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