Dear Robin Williams

Elizabeth’s post moved me as her writing always does. But today’s article is extra special. She writes about Robin Williams, a gifted artist who, as Elizabeth puts it, brought about understanding amongst complete strangers through an expression.

Breaking the Cycle 716

Dear Robin Williams:

You have been gone a while now, but you still touch people and help them connect.  This past weekend, my family watched Mrs. Doubtfire.  We laughed the whole way through.  The kids especially liked the part where you told your ex the drink killed your dearly departed husband.  Specifically, when you said he got run over by a Guinness truck, they giggled until they were breathless.

I remember watching that movie when it first came out, and being similarly amused.  There is something powerful about having that experience twice: by yourself when you are young, and again, with your children.  Hearing their laughter makes your heart swell with love.  There is a feeling of invincibility.

I liked you in every role, especially Dead Poet’s Society and Good Will Hunting.  There was a vulnerability in your expressive blue eyes that made me think sadness came naturally…

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2 responses to “Dear Robin Williams

  1. Lovely post for one of my favorite actors.

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