Keep Clear of The Noise and Things May Just Happen


There is a lot of noise we have to cut through in life.  I’ve learned that the hard way as a writer who spends hours questioning the way, doubting the self. Reading into the noise, the silence, the everything.

Yet, there’s little more fulfilling than seeing one’s creation — be it a song, a painting, a book — completed and out in the world. Still, remember the noise? It makes going back to a life we know much safer. But is it safer?

I’ve been submitting to publishing houses for over a year, with some breaks in between, and have gotten enough rejections to frame and decorate my house and the houses of a few family members. I’ve gotten some interest along the way, but nothing came to fruition.

Until last month, when the editor at Solstice Publishing said she found my mystery novel compelling and would be interested in discussing a contract.

I read said email twice, asked my husband to read it. Did it really say what I thought it said? Yes, the final consensus was, it did.

The contract arrived a few days later. And so the process began — reading the contract, researching the publisher a little more (as if the previous ten hours put into research weren’t enough), running said contract by a friend of a friend of a friend (working in a law office comes with certain perks — one knows enough lawyers), and finally signing the contract.

Now, I’ve been assigned a copy editor, while the editor-in-chief and I are discussing cover art, website, and all that comes with publication. And my head is still spinning.

This is a very first and shaky step. Sure, a step in the right direction, but still a very, very first step.

As you probably know, the publishing industry has changed a lot over the years, and making it out there, having your book read, is extremely hard. One has to cut through the noise I’ve mentioned earlier, multiplied by one million. But I’ll worry about that a tad later.  Have to see about copy-edits now.

On a different note, sorry I’ve been absent from blogging. Can’t wait to make my way to your blogs, and read, hopefully, that 2015 is treating you well thus far.


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22 responses to “Keep Clear of The Noise and Things May Just Happen

  1. This is why I relate to and appreciate Don Miguel Ruiz when he speaks about clearing away the “mitote.” :)

  2. How exciting! I will enjoy every moment of this journey with you!

  3. Congratulations. I can only imagine the feeling of euphoria you must have.

  4. Congratulations, Sylvia! Now the ride begins! Good luck, my dear. May you sell oodles of books.

  5. That must be an incredible feeling! Congratulations on your success

  6. Congratulations! x

  7. Ahh yes, we find in the best of times and wished-for outcomes that even good stress is … still … stress!!! But what a good kind to have, eh, Sylvia? Congratulations on your contract milestone. Something tells me you will continue to approach your marathon with a level head and persevere through coming steps forward. May stumbling blocks be kicked swiftly to the curb!

  8. Great news! Hope everything goes by smoothly for you. Looking forward to knowing about your book. :)


  10. Wow! Congrats! That publisher is lucky to have you. :)

  11. Well done, Sylvia. Perseverance paid off! Sue

  12. I know I already said it, but I’ll say it again– CONGRATULATIONS

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