We survived another year — well, almost — so, why not celebrate with enough family get-togethers to make missing one another impossible for at least … six months?

Thanksgiving came and went here in the U.S. Now, it’s on to Christmas preparations at my house. The energy is absolutely crazy and I love it. I feed off of it. It makes me want to sing and dance.

Speaking of singing, we concluded our Thanksgiving bash with karaoke singing. And here is proof (above) that I can sing. Okay, next time I’ll provide a video. Real proof.

It’s not the best picture — my niece was trying to take a selfie — but if you look carefully, you’ll see me (far left) singing into a microphone next to my mother-in-law. My son has his own microphone, because … why not?

We had an absolute blast, just the way I like to cap off a family get-together. And I so wish I could share more pictures (I took a ton) but the memory card in my phone decided to die. Or to be gravely ill, and am waiting on word from the doctor, aka tech guy, as to whether anything could be salvaged. That’s technology, baby.

So, how is life in your neck of the woods, dear blogging friend?  I missed a whole week of blogging and feel completely out of sorts.


14 responses to “PROOF THAT I ‘CAN’ SING

  1. 😊. We’re always singing (some of us more off-key than others) at our family get togethers. And I’ve been in a blogging bog for a couple weeks, and no end in sight. On the other hand, I’m thoroughly enjoying making some gifts and gift-gathering online which I usually find a tiresome chore so I’m trying to cut myself some guiltless slack on my blog bog-ness.

    • Sammy, blogging bogs happen, especially around the holidays with so much taking our time and energy. Glad you’re enjoying yourself. Love that you’re singing, too — on or off key :).

  2. Dear friend Sylvia, Christmas is coming, sound good, I love it, too, good time to enjoying the truly Christmas spirit with family and friends. I like your blogs. God bless you, friend..

  3. My Thanksgiving was pretty quiet as my tribe happened to be in town over the Veteran’s Day Holiday so we celebrated then. However, I’ll post a different event to make you chuckle… OR burst out laughing!! ;-)

  4. Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat… this is the first Christmas my husband and I will be alone, not lonely, but alone. Daughter is in LA (but was here for Thanksgiving) and son will be in Indiana with his girlfriend. I may come to like quiet. Enjoy the preparations and have a good time singing.
    I’m going to wrap myself in paper, I’m going to dab my head with glue…

  5. Wow! You can sing. And I thought all you could do was write. :-)

  6. I’ve never tried karaoke. I hope you had fun. It looks like it.

  7. Blast, I was about to click to hear the karaoke! But it’s given me an idea for our own Christmas celebrations .. an idea only …

    I can barely believe that Christmas is so close already. It’s calm before the storm in this neck of the woods but I can feel the storm building … I’m also in throes like Sammy D making some gifts for girlfriends for dinner tomorrow evening.. we’re 5 who go out for dinner when it’s one of our birthdays and also for a Christmas dinner.

    Lovely post Silvia thank you! Great to put up a blog!

  8. So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Yea, blogging was definitely hit or miss around here too. Everyone can sing, even if they don’t all do it in tune. Still, it does feel good to sing your heart out and know people aren’t covering their ears or making faces about it :)

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