That Time Again, and Are You On Ello?

A week from today we vote in midterm elections, unless you’ve participated in early voting.


Not me.  I like going to the polling place, signing the register, spending time in the booth — just me and my ballot. Getting the “I Voted” sticker.

As mentioned on this blog countless times, I grew up in a communist country. I was too young to vote, then fed up, but I remember waiting in line with my mom so she can ‘vote’ as the Party men watched closely. When the results came in, what do you know? The same guy had been reelected with 100% of the vote.

So, I don’t take this right for granted, one that’s denied or diminished in many parts of the world. Remember what JFK said: “Things don’t happen, they are made to happen.”

Election and social media go hand in hand, agreed? And we have enough social-media sites to dedicate several lifetimes to, but in case you haven’t heard, I’m here to tell you there’s one more — ELLO.


Ello is in beta, meaning they’re still working on adding features, etc., and it promises to remain ad-free, not follow everything we do then record into data for advertisers. If that’s the case, I’m already in love.

It is by invitation only, and the wonderful blogger Veronica Sicoe was kind enough to send me one such invite.

Why jump on board? I don’t know. Then again, why not at the very least reserve your name before the BIG onslaught. Happy to send out the few invites I have available, should you wish to join.  

Just spreading the love. :)


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20 responses to “That Time Again, and Are You On Ello?

  1. Silvia, I have always cherished our right to vote and take it seriously (altho I have a funny post coming out next week about election night), and it means even more when hearing real life experiences like yours about growing up in a communist country.

    Colorado has 100% mail ballots this year and I already voted. It will be interesting to see if turnout changes because of the process change (and I think there are still polling places, so not sure about what that means). I miss voting in the booth, but the advantage is I can read the blue book and check online references for judges etc because many times I don’t know what we’re voting on other than the ‘big stuff’.

    Obviously I’m not on Ello since I’ve never heard of it. Is it a new socisl media connector? Love that you are trendsetting, and keep us posted on how you like it (or not).

    • Thank you, Sammy. My husband votes by mail all the time. Works great for him. I’m always wondering what to vote on judges and end up going with the State-Bar endorsed judge. Figure if he/she did a good job, no need for replacement. As to Ello, it is a connecting site, kind of like Facebook and such, and it’s going to take some time until I’ll know how I like it. So far, I do like the simplicity — no ads popping everywhere, no crazy graphics.

  2. I, too, take voting very seriously. Thanks for your reminder that not all countries’ citizens have that right!
    Eeks, another social media site! LOL I’d like to hear how you like it, also!

  3. I have already voted (permanent vote-by-mail), and I’m very intrigued by Ello. Keep us posted, please, Silvia. – Fawn

  4. I’m enjoying Ello (thanks for the invite) but haven’t quite figured it out yet.

    • Rich, I haven’t figured it out either. Just joined and it’s all kindda wait and see. Thanks!

      • Maybe as we figure it out we can blog about it. And on a whole other thing are they doing another ABC Blogging thing any time soon?

      • Sounds great, will think about it. If you decide to do it, I will share the heck out of your posts. :) Yes, they are doing the Blogging from A-Z but not until April. Maybe a good time to start thinking about theme, photos, even some draft posts. Have no ideas yet, though.

  5. I wouldn’t miss a Tuesday in November vote – it gives me a sense of responsibility and privilege to go to the polls, meet my neighbors, and exercise my choice!
    What exactly does Ello do?

    • Right on, Noelle. As for Ello, it connects people in the same way all social media does, except, according to their own campaign, there will be no ads, no compiling our data and sharing with advertisers, etc. In other words, less invasion of privacy. Or none. Don’t really know. Sounds pretty cool that way, though I’m not sure how they’ll survive without advertisers, but that’s just it — they promise to revolutionize social media all together. Will see. Thanks for reading.

  6. I heard about Ello. Didn’t figure I was “in” enough to know anyone to get an invite, although considering how little time I put into the sites I’m already on, who knows if I would make use of it.

  7. I’m taking part in a project at the moment called March of Women which celebrates the Suffragettes. I’m always conscious when I cast my vote of how hard they fought for women to have that right. I always like to do it in person, but my husband travels a lot so he has a postal vote in case he isn’t around.

    As for Ello – my main network is Twitter, I use Facebook a bit and have avoided all Google’s offerings so far (although for a while they were sneakily forcing you to sign up to Google+ to use some other services. My site has tumbleweed blowing through it, must work out how to delete). I’m not an early adopter in other words, so will wait and see how Ello does.

    • Very interesting, Anabel. I was just commenting on someone’s post regarding women’s rights, telling the poster I don’t get people who are too busy to vote, especially women. So many fought for this right, so many died. Thank you for reading.

  8. From very young my mum taught me about cherishing my right to vote, and what it means. It should never be taken for grated that’s for sure!

  9. Your vote is your voice as an American citizen. It’s your opportunity to be heard, to hold elected officials accountable for their decisions and to have a say in important issues that affect your community. On Election Day, every vote matters.

  10. Hi Silvia .. I hear what you say about 100% and then it’s still happening around the world …

    I vote always .. now I have a postal vote … but used to get to the polling station … and the Suffragettes were a very informed, strong willed, interesting bunch of ladies …

    Cheers Hilary

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