Slow Down. Way Down.


It’s fall. Or autumn, depending on where you are in the world.

Things are calming down on the school front — we’re settling into the 5-th grade routine, with common core and all it entails. During summer when school is out, life moves at breakneck speed with work, activities, vacations. Wild, considering summer’s for relaxation. But no, we’re crazy busy. I’m sure you know the feeling.

So, it’s nice to slow down. At least until the winter holidays hit with the force of a blizzard, but let’s not think about that quite yet.  

Last night I found myself slowing way down. In the silence of the night, I read for a good hour or two. While I have an intriguing Brad Thor thriller, I took a break from the international action and turned to the latest issue of the Red Fez Magazine — one of my favorite small presses.  

The Red Fez editor had sent an invitation to submit for their October issue. So, I did. A story titled IOANA, one dear to my heart as it’s the first such story set in my native country of Romania (at least the first written in English). 

Here it is with its beautiful cover art:



But there’s more: this issue is full of good stories, poetry, art, photos, comics, music & videos.  Just what an insomniac needs.

Thoughts of the next day, of relieving the past, all kinds of pesky thoughts fought for my attention, but I let them pulverize in the night mist. I slowed way down — just read — and everything was a-OK.

~~~ How do you give yourself headspace to simply enjoy life, to savor and appreciate each moment?


Photo courtesy: Red Fez Publications;

13 responses to “Slow Down. Way Down.

  1. I read one of your stories published by the Red Fez. It was a great short!

  2. I love having the time to read.

  3. I read. It revives me, makes it possible to hold on to my patience during less desirable tasks. It’s exciting to hear you are published. Congrats!


  4. Congrats on your publication. I’m going to come back to it tomorrow and read it. I think summer is also crazy busy. It’s more intense in so many ways. I’d like to take a day and just read, drink tea, visit with family and friends, and read some more.

  5. “Sometimes our stop-doing list needs to be bigger than our to-do list.”

  6. Silvia – it is ironic that summer becomes the frenzy. I appreciate the recommendation for Red Fez, and I look forward to reading your story. Ioana and the photo sound and look quite alluring and you know I’ve mentioned my curiosity about Romania.

    We just saw a charming family movie with our 5th grade grandson called Alexander and the Terrible Horrible no Good Very Bad Day. He wanted to see it, and we all enjoyed it very much – the main character is an 11 year old boy. Perhaps your family will enjoy it, too :-)

  7. Silly me, thinking October is a couple months away, then checking out Red Fez and – lo – there’s Ioana staring me in the face because it IS ALREADY October! How very exciting to see your name in print!!

    Very well-written. The rhythm of your concise sentences and crisp word choices created a reading flow that matched his edgy mood. It is a stiry that would benefit from being read aloud in a melodiuos voice (not mine!).

    Hints of history, culture, roots, and losses. I enjoyed Ioana very much, Silvia.

  8. Thank you SO much, Sammy. You rock.

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