What Were You Meant To Do In Life?


What were we really meant to be or do in life?

Many people know the answer immediately, for others it takes time. Someone once said, “it will come about when you have tried everything.” But who has the time or inclination to try everything?

I’ve always loved to read. Dabbed in writing from a young age, and wrote an essay on Mihai Eminescu, Romania’s most famous poet, in high school, which the teacher singled out and praised.

Writing gives me joy.  So does reading, especially when it involves books where the author reaches deep in her heart, finds the most painful or most wonderful memory and slams it right on the page, in a literary sense, for everyone to read, learn from, and analyze. I find that a unique ability — a gift — to connect from a distance on a very intimate level.

My husband, if left to his own devices, can sit with his guitar and amplifiers, turning knobs and playing all day long.

Neither one of us does this — writing or music — professionally. And sometimes that makes me wonder. Would I still love writing, and he music, as much if it had to be done for a paycheck? No way to know. Yet.

Perhaps it doesn’t really matter. Perhaps the journey is the best part before arriving at our destination.

Since I often talk about writing on this blog, I’d like to share the writing community I belong to HERE. It’s called the Internet Writing Workshop.

Writers post their works on various IWW lists (chapters, stories, fiction and non-fiction) and receive feedback while offering the same to others. For those who don’t want to critique, we have the Writing List where members discuss all writing/reading aspects.

What about you? Are you doing what you were meant to do in life?


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14 responses to “What Were You Meant To Do In Life?

  1. Always good food for thought from you, Silvia! I just try to focus on doing my best, no matter what I am doing, and try to not hurt anyone else in the process. I don’t think everyone will ever have the chance to do what he/she truly wants. Those who can and know what it is are very lucky.

  2. I don’t know what I was meant to do in life. I kind of wish I did.

    • Liz, you’re a teacher. That has to be one of the most rewarding occupation in the world — helping, sharing knowledge. Although, as I often say on your blog, it takes a certain kind of patience. A unique personality. And you have it.

  3. I chose or rather my dad pushed me toward education, even though I wanted to head to psychology or medicine. “You’d make a good teacher..” the degree in hand, I married and had kids, doing a world of work unrelated to teaching…until I was almost 40. My youngest for in second grade, I returned to teaching–which I truly loved. God knows what He has in mind for me.

  4. I think I stumbled into what I liked to do – teach. That was by far the best part of my life in academia, I loved the students, loved their excitement at learning new things. I also loved to write, which I got to do a lot, but because of the constraints of academic writing, it wasn’t the best of fun. So now I am doing what I love to do: write books, short stories, blog posts etc. It fills my day and fills my life. I’m getting towards the end of a life, so it’s good to look back and know I enjoyed it! Good post again, Sylvia.

  5. Sylvia, you asked the Million Dollar Question! As a child I always loved crafts… working with my hands: knitting, sewing, hooking rugs, making paper flowers, doing water ballet. In fact, I wanted to be a mermaid in an underwater sea garden in Florida BUT my parents said I had to do something practical. For years I have worked at a variety of jobs, never being happy or satisfied. The closest I came to enjoying my work was when I sold real estate. I love my independence and helping people.

    I did volunteer in a Public Information Office for the school district up here where my kids went to school so I learned to write press releases and started taking writing classes. But life side-tracked me. Seven years ago after the traumatic death of my mom and other events, my coach and friends encouraged me to write as a form of catharsis. Since writing is a form of creativity, I’m attempting to use a different form of creativity… one from my brain. I’m learning.

  6. Georgina Cromarty

    Love this post, I think that likewise I am a person possibly doing one thing professionally while questioning what I really want at a deeper level. I wrote a post a while back on this subject :) http://steppingoutofpain.com/2014/04/27/living-your-life-purpose-its-time-to-stop-procrastinating/

  7. That is a question I sometimes feel confident snswering snd other times think I’ll never be able to answer. I’m not one of those who has a “purpose driven” life, and my path has most definitely twisted and turned. At best, I have always watched for, and made the best of opportunities, and I have almost always felt I was right where I should be, or I’ve made a change.

    Something like reading or music – I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t love those kinds of passions if I had to earn a living at them. Many do however.

    Great provicative post, Silvia.

  8. You’ve tempted me to consider joining one of the IWW lists. I need to think about it a bit, since I think I may already be over-committed, but it is intriguing. Thanks for including the link. :-)

  9. This is great, Silvia. I like the mermaid response above. Haven’t we all dreamed of that at one time or another? As you may know from my posts, I’m at a crossroads, considering both going back to work and rewriting my memoir…again. Right now, I am at a good stage. The writing is coming easy, but I am exchanging chapters with a friend and she hasn’t reviewed in a while so that might change soon. I also like the lead you provided on the writing group. Very helpful. Thanks.


  10. My mother is an artist, and I inherited that love from her. I started out as an art major in college, but figured I needed a degree that would earn me money. I ended up with a few degrees trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I sometimes think I should have stuck with my art, but I have no regrets. I met my wonderful husband in the tech industry, and now my creative outlet is my writing. Thanks for your post, Silvia!

  11. A BIG question Silvia! What is my purpose in life? Not an easy question for me to answer … but if I had to say something I would say to know myself better in order to make conscious choices, free from any agenda. And if I wish for changes in the world, then the person to start with is myself.

  12. I am not sure if there is somethig I am meant to do i life…
    I guess you are right when you say (quoting you):
    “Perhaps it doesn’t really matter. Perhaps the journey is the best part before arriving at our destination”.
    I love to do thigs that make me happy but they are not always the same ones. Great post, thanks for sharing, Silvia, Aquileana :P

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