Sunflowers for Tina #lifeisgood


From my kitchen, in Los Angeles

I met Tina Downey two years ago via the A to Z Blogging Challenge.  New to blogging at that time, I had no clue as to what I was doing, clicking away on blogs, hoping for the best, learning all about tagging, the importance of content and so on.

I found Tina’s blog, somehow, commented and immediately received a lengthy comment. Tina was an extraordinary welcoming presence from the start, and while encouraged by two writer friends to sign up for the Challenge, it was ultimately Tina who pulled me across that line, helped me take the first step into the world of blogging. It is because of her that I am still blogging today.

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We exchanged several emails, and bonded over stories from our childhood, our European descent (Tina grew up in Sweden, I grew up in Romania). While I never met Tina in person, I consider her a dear blogging friend. One of the best. 

Thank you, Tina, for everything.

You will be missed, my dear friend, but not forgotten!


24 responses to “Sunflowers for Tina #lifeisgood

  1. Heartwarming, Silvia. Love to you, Sammy

  2. That was Tina – reaching out to anyone and everyone and making friends.

  3. Beautiful tribute for someone very special.

  4. Sweet tribute. So sad, her passing.

  5. Susan Scott also shared sunflowers for Tina. You wrote a special tribute about your supportive friend. I am sorry for your loss. But remember that sunflowers are “smiley” faces. Tina is up there smiling down on you.

  6. Thank you for sharing that with us. Tina was a great friend to so many.
    Thank you,

  7. You’re lucky to have had her as a friend, Silvia. A lovely tribute.

  8. I love your cluster of sunshiney, yellow… spreading happiness all over the blogosphere
    Life is good!

  9. Lovely. Tina was a great encouragement to bloggers. Lovely sunflowers too. Sue

  10. Hi Silvia … glad you joined us on the A-Z route and I loved reading about Romania … Tina was an amazing blogger and mother … she certainly lived life … cheers Hilary

  11. You described Tina as she was. Always willing to help out wherever help was needed. Ready to dish out a bit of humor to anyone who needed lifting up. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Tina.

    Tossing It Out

  12. Lovely tribute to Tina Silvia thank you. How lovely to see you holding a sunflower …

  13. such a great tribute and nice to meet you :)

  14. I never knew Tina very well, except through the A to Z. She was such a good writer and so helpful. Tina was a blogging friend that I did not get to know well. God bless her family and her friends.

  15. This was a very nice tribute to Tina. Great picture :)

  16. Definitely never forgotten.

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