IWSG — Reading and Tina


“Writing is hard. Painting is hard. Competing at sports is hard. Everything interesting is hard. The risk of failure is what makes the challenge interesting. “ ~ Unknown

Today — first Wednesday of the month — is Insecure Writer’s Support Group day, but first a detour:

Tina Downey was a frequent poster at the IWSG. She also hosted the blog hop, in addition to her own Life is Good blog, and did a million other duties, all the while encouraging blogger friends along the way, emailing, keeping in touch, commenting, being the wonderful human being she was.

IWSG, the Challenge, and all that Tina had a hand in will never be the same without her, but as they say in theater … the show must go on, no matter how heavy our hearts now that Tina has departed our world.

In Tina’s memory, the A to Z Team is hosting a sunflower tribute on September 8, 2014 — Sunflowers for Tina. Click here if you’d like to see how it works and add your name to the list. Hope to see you on Monday, September 8. 


What am I feeling insecure about these days, as a writer? Oh, so many things, but mostly not writing as much as I’d like to. Life is too crazy. Hectic. I know: there’s no one to blame, but yours truly. Still, I have to complain here. I just have to. Forgive me. Will try to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

On a bright side, I’ve been reading a lot. Two Pulitzer Prize winners back to back: The Goldfinch and A Visit from The Goon Squad. Very different books, both good, but as it often is the case with literary works, one must be patient, allow the plot to develop, allow the writer to paint her world, bring her characters to life slowly. Literary anything, as someone said, is a labor of love.

But a girl can only take so much literary work back to back. Now, I’m reading Brad Thor’s Black List — a thriller. Extremely fast paced, very interesting, thought-provoking.

And reading, dear friend, is the self-administered medicine for my insecurities these days. A temporary drug.


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19 responses to “IWSG — Reading and Tina

  1. Sorry for the loss of your friend. I read goldfinch. It was okay. Not my favorite. And, I loved that quote at the too. Writing is hard. But worth it. Keep on writing! Take care.

  2. Yes, my condolences, Sylvia. Keep writing (and reading)!

  3. Yeah, reading is what gets me through the rough patches, too.

  4. I didn’t know Tina but will add my name. She sounds like a special person. Was just discussing the Goldfinch today with a couple of friends. The consensus was that the writing was beautiful but it took forever to get through it; some friends have given up. I just finished The Invention of Wings by Sue Robb, a wonderful book that I just found. I will have a review on my blog later this week. Hooray! Another Brad Thor fan. I too read him for a break.

  5. I didn’t know Tina, but she does sound like a wonderful person. I’m sorry you and others lost a good friend. I really enjoyed The Goldfinch and didn’t have a hard time with it. I thought his life was interesting–all the things he went through (many of his own doing) and people he met–the ones who became dear to him and others not so. Also, how one incident can completely change the direction of one’s life. It is hard to find the time to write in our busy lives. Keep at it, Silvia, but don’t beat yourself up when you can’t get to it!! :-)

  6. I’m sorry for your loss; it sounds like she was a terrific woman. Though the writing may not be coming along, I think you should feel good about reading so much. It seems like the times I write the most are when I haven’t read in ages and vice versa. Sadly, I can’t say I’ve read any of those, but will add them to my list. I am definitely going to make an effort to fit both into my routine! :)

    • Christy, thank you. I know what you mean about fitting new books into our schedule. So many recommendations, so little time. Whatever we do, so long as we read, right? Thanks so much for visiting.

  7. I will absolutely be joining our Tina-fest on Sunflower Day – have been creating a tangle in her memory :-)

    Reading is my antidote to everything. And I mean everything. The only time picking up a book isn’t a worthwhile choice is if I’m within a day of finishing a 5-star book (my personal rating system) because, during that 24-hours, nothing can come close to touching the book I just finished.

    As long as I know you are reading when you aren’t writing, Silvia, all is right with the world :-)

  8. My step-daughter read Goldfinch and gave me a clue what it is about. After reading Angela’s Ashes I can’t take anymore heart breakers.

    Silvia, give yourself a HUGE pat on the back as you ARE writing. You blog much more frequently than I. Plus, I enjoy your thought-provoking blogs. Yes, I can SO relate to being insecure… but you DO have talent!

    Here is something exciting to write about… is that Albino Cobra loose in your neighborhood? I hope they catch it soon, OR it gets run over on the freeway!

    I’m out here CHEERING FOR YOU!! Believe in yourself!!!

  9. Hi Silvia, I wouldn’t know myself if I didn’t have a book or 3 at hand at all times. I loved The GoldFinch, I don’t know Thor.
    I agree writing is @#$^$*&* hard. When it gets worse than terrible, it is great – and essential medicine – to read – just what the doctor ordered. Refreshing :)
    And yes, re sunflowers for Tina next week …
    *please don’t destroy the snake…

  10. Thank you Silvia for sharing the sunflower tribute for Tina, I’ll join. I only had a little bit of contact with her, but it was sufficient to understand she was an amazingly sparkling and generous person. It is so difficult to grasp that she is not there anymore. My thoughts are with her family.
    Good luck with your writing. In all creative work there are ups and downs – and I can think of worse drugs than reading. You will be fine!

  11. I’m really sorry to hear about Tina. The sunflower tribute sounds like a sweet way to remember her.

  12. Reading is excellent medicine—and it’s what inspires us to write in the first place, right? So you’re not taking time off from writing, you’re re-inspirationalizing!

  13. It’s so nice to see all of these flowers for Tina!

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