Strange Happening and Awards


The universe must be either perfectly aligned or completely out of whack in the blogging/social media world.  I haven’t posted on this here blog since last Friday, and logging in today a surprise awaited.

Usually, when I don’t blog for some time the viewership goes down. And that’s fine, I’m here to have a conversation, hang out with friends — that’s my reward. But this time, the stats told a different story. The viewership went through the roof on Wednesday with 130 views, and Thursday, at 194 views.

I’m not complaining, but it’d be nice if this made sense. I haven’t done anything differently — I tag the same, write the same, procrastinate the same.

Clicking through pages, I saw 150 viewers were sent here by Reddit, another social site as I understand, of which I’m not a member or have visited until today (that I remember). 

Don’t know what to make of it? What about you?

With that said, allow me to switch gears for a minute. I am the proud recipient of three blogging awards. (My friends, you rock!) I am so feeling the love. I don’t take awards for granted, even if it takes me a while to post.

Since we’re talking three awards, I’m going to bend the rules a little, if you don’t mind. Am going to select a couple of questions from each, answer, and invite all of you (who don’t already have the awards, :-)) to be my nominees. Take it please. You deserve it.

1.  The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award


My blogging friend Sammy at Bemuzin nominated me for this super-wonderful award.  Sammy is one of the best bloggers I have come across — honest, very thorough with her comments, everything a writer hopes for. Thank you, Sammy. 

This is an award focused on rules, but here is what I say: Make your own rules, and above all be a good blogging friend.

2. The One Lovely Blog Award.


This lovely award was given to me by Alli at Eclectic Alli.  Here’s why I love blogging: people like Alli: great blog, amazing reader, super-cool award. Thank you, Alli. For this, I have to share seven (or a couple of) things about myself:

1. I play guitar (only two chords, E minor and G). My husband is the real musician, and over the years he’s tried to teach me, but I tell you this: it’s not easy playing guitar — your hands have to stretch in a certain (weird) way. Piano is more my speed, but I do love guitar music. 

2. I speak 2.5 languages. How is that possible, you ask? Well, I understand a large amount and can speak some Italian, only because it is very close to my native Romanian. The other two? You guessed: Romanian and English. For some reason, Italian is my current favorite (may be the fact I haven’t fully conquered it yet).

3. The Versatile Blogger Award.


I was nominated for this special award by Karen at Karen’s Different Corners. Thank you, Karen. Love being versatile. :) And in the interest of keeping this post short, here are two more things about your truly:

1. I used to run 5 and 10K races with friends, and loved every moment. While I haven’t done them in some time, would love to start again. Kept me in shape. Now, I just go on walks and on my treadmill (not as much fun).

2. One of my most ardent goals is to see my novel in print one day. So, I keep working on it after each set of feedback notes, keep plugging away. 

Thank you to my three blogging friends for nominating me, for sharing their experiences, and for continuing to read my blog. You all make it worthwhile.

Hugs. Love. Peace.


Image courtesy: sacredascensionmerkaba


19 responses to “Strange Happening and Awards

  1. Reddit… I’ve heard of Reddit, I’ve seen it.. but I have yet to find my way into navigating it. I suppose that someone must have shared a link to you somewhere on there and that drove up traffic? Very cool and congratulations on that :)
    Also on the awards! And thank you for the kind words! Kind of helped to lift what’s been a somewhat rough day!
    I like how you count your languages… by that maybe I can say I speak 1.5? Because I know a smattering of French, Spanish and Finnish and (usually) have a pretty good grasp on English. Most days…

    • Thanks, Alli, and sorry about the rough day. Yes, Reddit, interesting and nice if someone shared a link to me there. You just never know with social media, I guess. Hope the day, what’s left of it, brightens up soon for you.

  2. congrats, Silvia! All well-deserved! You blog posts are always fun, honest, and informative.

  3. Well done on the three awards! Bending the rules is the best way – life’s too short to do everything by the book.

  4. Well done, Silvia! My son-in-law is a voracious Redditer, and he keeps encouraging me to begin blogging there. I think that is my next little baby-step writing goal. – Fawn

  5. Congratulations to the awards, all well deserved!

  6. Congrats! :-). Love your creative answers about being a 2.5 linguist! And keep plugging away at that guitar, too!

    That is strange about Reddit, not that HUNDREDS of people shouldn’t be reading you, but to have that many in a couple of swoops. Did you get lots of comments when that happened? The weird thing that happened to me in my stats is the number of times my posts (supposedly) have been shared on FaceBook. One day it went up by 150 overnight, and another time by 100!! Those cannot be “real” numbers. It does make your heart beat faster for a second, though, huh!?!

  7. Congratulations on the awards, Sylvia. .
    No accounting for blog stats. I’ve had referrals from bloglovin’ although I haven’t joined. Mostly the peaks in my stats are due to blog hops. Nothing like your peaks, though! Sue

  8. Well, I love that you received three awards. You definitely deserve them! I know nothing about social media… I suppose I should look and learn, huh? Then we do have a bit in common as I used to play the piano. I LOVE it, but I haven’t played in years and finally I had five years of Latin… albeit a LONG time ago… but it is pretty close to Italian since it is the base of the language.

    So, I’m having fun learning more about you… YOU ROCK!! Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing your book in print some day! You can do it!!!! ;-)

  9. Were you able to find the link used on Reddit? Someone must have linked to a post or something. Kinda cool, though, isn’t it?

  10. I just put you down on my list of 15 for that One Lovely Blog Award. Feel free to ignore it. :)

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